Annoucing the Lauch of New Focused Blog – moneywithmoney.NET !

I am happy to announce the launch of my new blog named “” a joint initiative with my wife. This launch has decided to today, August 29, the date of my birth day, and I an very happy to introduce this new blog to all our visitors.

Unlike, is more focused to it main subject: Money. It would cover all possibilities of making and managing money with numerous tips to save money. It also introduce all the resources to readers to get control over their money in a well structured and highly efficient way.

My hearty welcome to all of you to have a look at this new blog. It is our pleasure if you could SUBSCRIBE this blog as first 100 to realize its decided quality of articles coming soon. All the first 100 email subscribers would receive a surprising gift from us as a launching offer of

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Thanks in advance…. Sherin Dev and Jyothi Sherin