Healthy Money Saving Tips

2. Stop drinking. If not, reduce it to the maximum possible. This has three benefits: It would save lots of money, health and bring happiness to the family members too..

3. Avoid packaged or tin foods. Tin foods considered as one of the major health losing element. Read the ingredients of packaged foods. If you can’t pronounce two or more, then don’t eat it. Such ready foods generally come with high price tag which would be more than two times of the cost of making the same in our home.

4. Walk to Money and Health – If you are able to walk, take that path. Daily walking is a good health exercise and it would help you to save money from not using own or public vehicles daily.

5. Drink More Water – Of course your body will thank you for this. It would keep your health well balanced and avoid unnecessary diseases to help you save lots of money. More over this, water would cure skin related issues like dry skins etc..

6. Always prefer balanced food – Don’t eat too much food. Don’t prefer more sugar and salt. Both are dangerous to health and money. “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, supper like a pauper”

7. Never fail to consult doctor immediately – In case of doubt on any possible disease symptoms to anyone, never delay to consult a doctor by thinking would wait for some more time to confirm the disease. It may later cost you money to a huge extend along with bad health.

8. Have a regular check up with your doctor for your entire body. This would help in preventing many regular diseases. Prevention is better than cure.

9. Practice yoga or exercise regularly for at least 15 minutes each day. This would help to stay healthy and avoid lots of diseases thus able to save lots of money. Madam, hospitalization is so costly nowadays.

10. Use refrigerator wisely – Remember, refrigerator is a place to keep raw food. It is not the place to keep cooked food for more than 1 day. If you have a habit of cooking and keeping bulk food in your refrigerator to make it hot and use everyday, you are compromising to your and family members health. Making hot of the food each time cost you money too through using electricity or gas.

11. Consider your medical insurance seriously or evaluate it time to time. Living without a medical insurance policy in today’s world is highly dangerous to all.

12. Never over-sleep. This would add wait to your body thus you later get forced to spend more money to reduce it or cure any diseases happens due to over weight.

13. Brush well and floss every day. It literally takes 5 minutes to floss, brush, and rinse with mouthwash. This will make you, your dentist, and your wallet very happy. Encourage each of your family members too to take this path. Remember, dental treatments are too costly.

14. Avoid bottled drinks – Bottled drinks such as cola, are too dangerous for health and money. Leave such habits. Use bottled water instead, to save more money and health.

15. Avoid eye stress – Watching televisions or working with personal computers regularly for long time is highly harmful to eyes. This would later board one to hospital thus cause lots of money lose.

16. Be clean and neat – Always be healthy by keeping surroundings clean and neat. Have proper pest control in place for home and offices. This would eliminate harmful bugs like cockroaches, rats etc., which spread of multiple diseases. To sustain always healthy, yourself and the living place should be clean and healthy.

17. Consider raw fruits – Do you know consuming fruits as raw, is better than consuming it as juice. Juice is costly too in shops or cost electricity when using juicers in your home.

18. Proper hand washing prevents lots of diseases like flu etc… Have a practice of washing hands immediately upon reaching to home from out side or after coming out from a toilet. You would be able to save lots of money if make it as a best practice.

19. Well balanced food – Provide well balanced food to kids. Consult a doctor and get advice on this to add items to your kids or your daily meal. Careless food may bring the kids sick and add you more tension.

20. Care your teeth – If you disregard dental health, you are putting your heart at risk. They are connected. The plaque on your teeth causes heart diseases – this is a hidden fact. A little bit of floss is cheaper than open heart surgery!

22. Avoid fast foods – Remember, fast foods are too dangerous to your health and pocket. We don’t know what all are the contents in it to make it tastier and fragrant. If you have a habit of having fast foods, remember, you are near to the seat of St. Peter.

23. Reduce cosmetic usage – Using cosmetics unnecessarily, would cause skin, body problems. A best example of this is using cosmetics to change hair colors and tattooing. Later you may either lose you hair or hands entirely 🙂

24. Have more fruits and vegetables – Fruits and vegetables are excellent to health, but always wash them properly. It may contain chemicals from the farm which cause you troubles to health and thus money too.

25. Have a garden – It is fantastic if you have a garden focusing to vegetables. You would get fresh vegetables, fresh air, mental health, daily exercise and save money through it.

26. Never believe advertisements on health items, medicines. Always consult your doctor or an authorized person before using or consuming such items.

27. Use items from nature! Have a search. There are lots of natural items available around us to beautify our self than visiting a beauty parlor where they use chemicals to do so. Remember, a Dracula never come like an angel 🙂

28. Dieting is always good. But, one should consult a doctor before do so. Or it would later cause you unnecessary money lose.

29. Care when sit and sleep – Remember, your chair in office and your bed in home both play eminent roles in your health. Choose and use both wisely and perfectly.

30. Recycle any used medicines immediately. This would help to not use such medicines accidentally and out of reach from children at home. Always careful to check the expiry dates before consuming any medicines. Don’t invite more troubles on an already existing one.

Most fantastic Final Tip – Have a happy family. Be and share your time with your children and family members. This would greatly reduce lots of tensions that later cause unnecessary health issues. Happy family always found healthy family.

Those who still wonder how these tips save money: Each of the above tips helps you to save lots of money as it is directly and indirectly connected to the health. If you look deeper, you would get exact idea on how it happens. Once if you not understood still, read and think little deeper to understand the idea perfectly.

If you have a tips in such kind, send it to me or comment with the same hereunder. That would be resourceful to this article and helpful to all readers.