Money Saving Tips Reality Checks

How do you feel the moment when reading a money savings tips with your favorite website or blog? Thrilled? No surprise. Most people behave in the same way by getting thrilled with the tips have seen with famous blogs or websites. But, when come to the reality part, they are just forgetting what they read before. Why it is happening? Why don’t people practicing the tips we are giving through our blogs by taking efforts to write such? Thinking a lot about it lead me to the following reality findings. Just have a look.

1. If say honestly, none in the world able to practice all the money saving tips available in the blog or websites. It is a clear foolishness if someone expects a tipster have practiced the tips before he is posting it to the blog or site. 2. Money saving tips falling to the category of articles providing reading enjoyments but not practical opportunities. Tips are interest reading but easy to forget.3. There are thousands of money tips available in the net but, working tips are few. If you Google the word ‘Money saving tips’, you will produce with a list of ‘n’ number of articles saying “‘n’ number money saving tips”, “Tips to save money ‘n’ number of way” etc… but, if you dig into some of these article, it is very difficult to practice most of them. Writing is an art but, practicing required efforts and discipline.

4. Money tips implementation should happen gradually. No tip works at the same moment of its implementation. As you can see, the tips mentioned in my previous article, can easily practice but, when practicing, I have not given any promise on the possibilities of saving possibility at the same moment. Good money saving tips intends to give disciplined approach to some activities and thus preventing the unnecessary lose of money.

5. Real savings of money means not reducing your life standards but, giving more clarity to life by identifying right requirements and avoiding the one not required. Money saving is a process. It should not practice by sacrificing any of the facilities you or family members enjoying but, tune any facilities to ensure no unnecessary outflow of money happening.

6. Unexpected money requirements are everywhere. Consider having Emergency fund or other money source. Best money saving tips never provide guarantee on having sufficient money in ones hand. It is only a process to tune your outflows in a better way and not intend to build liquid money in your hands.

So that’s it. It is possible to practice money tips if you are getting the right one bundled with right group. At the same time, one can read and enjoy a lot by thinking the cash going to save but after moving from the page, can forget what he read and the dream have seen while dreaming.How do you feel about these findings?