How to Turn Your Insurance Business to a Big Success

The insurance business has proven to be a profitable one, as more and more people have realized the value of insurance, whether it would be term, life or health, insurance proven that it is a must in the personal life of anyone. When entering to the insurance business, you need to consider the overall risk of individuals carefully in order to create a fail proof financial plan that will cover the needs of all your clients. In order to run with insurance business successfully, here we are discussing several working techniques with sufficient focus on technology. Each of these techniques have proven that, when approaching seriously, it can do wonders by ensuring high profit and business growth.
1. Be exceptional to provide right and all information Clear and sufficient information are the vital factors for customer satisfaction. Insurance customers always prefer to choose companies that provide them truthful and clear information they need whenever and wherever. As an insurance business owner, your company should be always open to provide all such information to the customers all the time. This can be easily achieved with the use of technology.

One of the best methods is by creating an iPhone app those your customers can easily download to their handheld, help them to get all the required details instantly about products and services. You can also create location-based iPhone apps that allow your health insurance customers to search for hospitals and medical centers near his area of residence or work. Of course, you can make such apps simply available through Apple’s App Store or any place from where the customers can easily search and download.

2. Accelerate the insurance verification process.

Tedious verification processes lead the customers switch insurance companies frequently. Whenever they find the verification processes are very tedious for their policy to take effect, they would act to switch the company. As an intelligent insurance business owner, you must take necessary measures to speed up such procedures and thus you can ensure your customers will stick with your company for long.

By using the help from technology, one great program to utilize to achieve this is Eligible, an iPhone app, which checks the insurance holder’s eligibility and the services covered by the agreement. Eligible reduces the 30-minute verification call to a 30-second phone check.

3. Inform your clients about offers and promotions.

Fact: Insurance clients won’t pass up on a good deal, especially if they know that they will be able to save a lot or earn freebies by availing your promotions. Keep your clients know such offers and discounts by phoning, texting, or e-mailing them. You can also inform them of these bonanzas by alerting them through your company’s iPhone app. One of the great deal here is, customers always like offers and promotions. If you are able to meet their such goals constantly, you can thus ensure your client would seldom move to other companies and always stick with you.

Hosting sites like GoDaddy is a best example for providing constant offers to all their clients and frequently to ensure the customers always sticking with them.

4. Remind them of their payment due dates.

Some insurance holders simply forget the due dates of their premiums, which is why they tend to miss their payments. Soon after such, if the insurance company asks for fine for late payments, they would get disappointed and start unnecessary arguing. Most of the time such situation leads to the loss of customer. Avoid this from happening from your company by updating them of the payment total and the due date. This practice also build the trust between customers and company as customers always feel the company is taking care of them tremendously.

Apart from phoning, texting or e-mailing these details, you can also incorporate this in your company’s iPhone app. Provide them incentives or discounts if they pay before their due dates, in order to motivate them to settle their premiums on time.

5. Maintain an open line of communication with your clients

Be always available to the customers. Customers love companies that respond immediately with all the information they need. If they are kept waiting on the line for several hours, also have lots of options to select when calling, chances are they will not renew their insurance contracts ever again. Make sure to give higher priority to respond to your clients’ concerns within no time by maintaining an open line of communication.

By the use of technology improvements, you can do so by creating social networking accounts that your employees can manipulate as needed. Another way to establish a dialogue with your clients is to add a “Customer Feedback” or “Inquiry” feature on your company’s iPhone app.

New technologies such as the iPhone do not only speed up communication; they help your business to grow in profits as well. If you’re looking for new means to gain more customers and consequently, more income, then implement these techniques now.

Mason Brown
is marketing lead at, which provides quality Android App Development using advanced technologies. It is my passion to write on technology subjects, because this is the age of technology revolution.