Personal Finance Management Using Smartphones

Click for The Best Collection of Kindle Fire HDs Smartphones can now be used to effectively manage your finances while you are busy at work or even while you are enjoying a vacation on a dream island. You can now use your smartphones to streamline your finances and manage your money efficiently with the software available. The software is linked to your bank account and centralizes all financial transactions. Paying utilities, bills, etc are centralized and details can be pulled up to be viewed when required. Every small bit of miscellaneous spending is account for on your smartphone. It is even tabulated to make reckoning a lot easier. There are apps that streamline all loans and mortgages. All the checking, current and savings accounts are monitored through the app and helps in planning savings.

What most people were looking for was instant and 24/7 access that helps them trade any time they want from wherever they may be. Smartphones have started functioning more like desktops minus the cumbersomeness of accessing it. However, one needs to make the transition a bit slowly and understand every app fully before it can be used. Most of the finance apps are available for free, with some coming at a nominal charge and a few with a stiff price. You can either get the app from the web site or by going to the app store on your phone. If you have several investment and trading accounts with various firms you can consolidate all together using an appropriate app. However, your bank or the investment company may have an app meant just for this which you need to check out.

There are apps in the market that help while preparing your Income Tax returns. You can use the app SnapTax software for this purpose. This application is also helpful in various ways. • You can use this app to get all your tax related documents in order before filing returns. • You can check the status of the state and federal returns filed by you. • You will be able to refer to the tax calendar which will furnish you details of due dates for filing the forms. • You will also be able to get plenty of helpful tips on taxation.

• You can get a shot of your W-2, fill in the answers to the questions, and file the form through your Android phone itself.

The other great app you can refer to is HR Block Tax Central which has answers to all your tax related questions. It also helps you locate the nearest HR Block Office by using the zip code. Using this free app you can check the status of your federal tax refund within a time frame.

Another great app is the Adarian Money which helps you manage your finances and expenses, managing your bills, investments in mutual funds and gilt-edged stocks. It is like a ready reckoner that provides you instant information about your cash, check, credit and any other transaction. You get prompt reminders of bills that are about to fall due. What’s more, if you are comfortable only working on a bigger screen, and prefer using a regular keyboard you can use the version suitable for your PC and the great part is that both versions are compatible and complement each other.

Additionally you can use it as a budget and expense tracking aid. You can set reminders when you need to be spending on gifts during seasons like Christmas and New Year. You can also ask to be reminded about important birthdays and anniversaries and check the budgeting and be well prepared. If at all there is any balance from this season it automatically gets carried over to the next season without your say so. Alerts can be set to let you know if your fund availability is comfortable or reaching dangerously low levels. You will even get alerts as to how and from where you will be able to juggle the temporary funds for a specific purpose.

Recurring expenses like monthly cell phone bills, power bills, payments due on various credit cards, mortgage payments if any will all get paid automatically without the need for you to remember any specific dates. What’s more, you get alerts a couple of days before the payment date to make all the more easier for you. Your Smartphone is certainly a great boon to manage your finances efficiently.

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