Protecting Yourself from Being Jobless


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job_protection-1666954 “Who says I am not under the special protection of God?” ~Adolf Hitler

Do fear dominating you on being jobless or worrying about the future? Be happy, here is the solution.We are now discussing a working plan to protect you from being jobless. To create this article, I have done enough study by referring a lot and taking experiences from my personal life, to share better information to shield yourself from any happening lob loses at the time of recession or not.Preparing to shield your job required lots of effort. Before coming to it, I like to say you the secret formula to survive in case of losing your job. Create an emergency fund. This will help you to survive next few months even if you don’t have a job! Emergency fund not only help you to save from such situations but, any thoughts on having sufficient fund fill you with peace and happiness to your mind.
Protecting Yourself from Being JoblessBelow are some core points to remember and practice to protect from being jobless or find another job within limited time.

– Identify Your Core Skills – Sharpen your core skills by reference, taking online or offline trainings and get necessary certifications to support your candidature maximum.

– Identify your present responsibilities and compare with present requirements in the job market. This will help you to understand any required additional skills to support your core skills.

– Build Secondary Skills – Did you know what passive server cluster is? Through configuring active-passive clusters, active node in the cluster always does the job. If this fails, passive node starts taking responsibilities immediately. Through building secondary skill, you are protecting yourself from any possibilities of market slowdown that cause any job with your main skills. Through having a fantastic secondary skill, you are enhancing your job opportunities with increased chances to get another job immediately when a job with your core skills not available in the market for the time. This will help you to immediately engage with a job suitable to your secondary skills until find a job suitable to your core skills.

– Update always: Have necessary updates to your resumes time to time. Never miss any main supportive points and also, never mention anything you are not familiar with. Once if do such, you may lose your chance at the time of interview by not able to provide any right answer whenever a possible question arise. Maintain a portfolio with all necessary documents and update it regularly and be ready always.

– If you are looking for a better job, identify your next target job and shortlist any companies you are interested to work in. Visit their website regularly to get updated information on any possible vacancies suitable to your profile.

– Increase your social contacts – Through doing such, you are increasing the possibilities to know any possible vacancy within the company where your contacts working for. Building enough social contacts is a great tool to get most updated information and referrals for a right job.

– Post resumes to great job portals – Whenever posting a resume to job portals, ensure you have 100% completeness. Visit the sites daily and workaround for little update every day. Regular visits and updates help to sustain your resume at the top of their database. This is happening due to the ‘current’ nature of its database. Remember, this is a less known secret.

– Interview preparations – Interview preparation has two phases. One is technical and another is HR round. To prepare for technical session, prepare with self created interview question databases and study upon the questions. Use mind mapping technique to identify each and every possible question associated with any main question and study all. Search on the net for well known HR questions and its right answer.

– More over the above, always work hard to be an ideal employee always. Be a better team player and pet of your seniors by skills and right behavior. This would certainly bring down your chances of losing jobs to a great extend. Remember, no one interested to lose an excellent employee at any time.

Always keep 4 Never’s in mind: Never miss scheduled meetings, Never work less time, Never take unnecessary leave, Never complaint.

You are now in a position to find a job with multi-skills. You have all the resources in your hand. Now it is the time to start giving interviews, tackling the interviewers and get a right job.