Create an Investment Portfolio in a Musicians Way

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Article written by Sherin Dev; Follow me in Twitter or Facebook

Listen to your favorite music. Identify what all the instruments played along with how and where it used. Who is the singer and how his or her sound par with the background music. You will certainly feel all the instruments and other sounds have used in an excellent way to construct the song to provide full charm to the listeners. Such combination can be done by experienced, talented music directors!

Expertise and success of any musician is in not only making of any music, but deliver it to the listeners by mixing the sound and rhythm properly. If not, it would be a super flop and there will not be any listener for his album. This is a failure of music director. Combination of instrument sounds in the right place with right amount to get proper rhythm is the major success pillar of any music and music director. We can imagine how much efforts required making such successful combinations. Such classical combinations later give the musician fame and money.

Investment portfolio construction should happen in similar way. Approaching right personnel, adding right combinations of investment instruments, considering right time and how much to each, would determine whether the portfolio able to meet the goal or not. Like a music director, lots of efforts and support from external sources are required to construct such winning portfolio. While playing the music, each instrument has a controller or artist behind it to play properly and successfully. Whenever constructing an investment portfolio, expert knowledge and advice are the vital part to the selection and addition of investment instruments in a well balanced way, to the portfolio.

One can achieve such expertise by study and experience. However, it is advisable to approach right people to get proper advices to ensure to avoid possible mistakes. Expertise of self or another person would reflect inside the portfolio like an artist playing the instrument within the music at right time.One should consider all the advantages and disadvantages of each investment instruments during the creation of a portfolio. Also, should find answers for when, how much and how long to hold each investment instruments in the portfolio and why. Major factors like financial and life status, risk taking capacity, different goals with different durations all plays majors roles to justify your actions time to time.ConclusionWhenever you decide to create a portfolio, remember to hear your favorite music and think a little about it to understand how it constructed by adding right instrument sounds with the lyrics. Think what element attracted you most to this music. Then think about your portfolio by writing down your goals, possible investment instruments, how long each should be hold, where to get proper advices etc… You can finally come up with a good portfolio blueprint. Time to time modification in this basic blueprint later gift you with a perfect, winning portfolio. Best wishes!!