Efficient Ways to Save Money on Daily Travel

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Though I have written many money saving tips articles in this blog, some of them deals with saving money on transport in a great extend. However, this specific article can consider as most relevant to the subject considering the recent fuel price hike and the expectation of same behavior in the future too..

These ideas greatly help you to save lots of money on transportation using some intelligent and practical ideas. You may found each of them in various places and my effort is to group them under an umbrella of an article named ‘Efficient Ways to Save Money on Daily Travel’ . Hope you will find it useful and share your great opinion and more ideas.

This article greatly deals with the tips to save money on daily travel. It would be a good reference point to those who travels daily from office to business and thinking how to save money on this. Have a look:

1. Ensure you have a well maintained vehicle. Have a practice of daily check. This would help avoiding unexpected breakdowns and repair costs. Every day, take a minute to check the air in all tyres and alignments, water in radiator, oil levels and filters. Confirm there are no leaks and breaks are functioning properly. Check the battery status and identify no peculiar sounds from engine or anywhere. Always keep the car clean and never handover it to a third person to use. Remember the rule; never trust a friend on your vehicle and wife. Both will get screwed before getting back to you.2. Always prefer to buy a regular car with good gas mileage to save thousands of dollars yearly.3. Always drive the vehicle in a speed that ensures high gas efficiency. Be a steady and slow driver. Aggressive driving like speeding, sudden acceleration, breaking all could lower the gas mileage and decrease the engine functionality to a great extend.4. If possible, take a regular walk or use a bicycle to reach office and back. Both are fantastic for health too. If possible try to get a home near to the work location.5. Try to limit the use of your vehicles to the daily route. If you have public transport/company transport facility, use it. This would cost little than using your own vehicle for every day travel.6. Use car pools with colleagues and friends who live near you. This would save your money, fuel and the environment.7. Whenever travels to places other than regular, ensure you have planned the best route to save gas.This is for now specifically in this article. Believe this article cover all that you need to know to save money on daily transportation. If you have any more idea, feel free to mention it here as comment.