3 Ways to Cope With the Stress of Owning a Business

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Those who think owning their own business is going to be easy are in for a rude awakening. Owning a business is one of the most challenging things you can do, but it can also be one of the most rewarding, financially and personally. However, few new business owners make it very far without proper stress management techniques at their disposal. Stress is arguably the number one barrier to your success. How well you manage your responsibilities is directly affected by how well you manage your overall stress. Here are some ways to cope with stress, so you can manage everything else you need to do successfully:

1. Don’t Overwork Yourself

This may seem contrary to everything you’ve ever heard about what you need to do to be a successful business owner. Of course you shouldn’t cut your workweek in half and spend the bulk of your time playing golf or reading Russian literature. But you also shouldn’t spend every one of your waking hours working. You need to learn how to maintain a work/life balance if you want to sustain yourself in the long run. So, dedicate 50 or so hours a week to your business, and dedicate the rest to yourself and your loved ones. To do this, you’ll need to prioritize tasks and put non-essential tasks on the back burner every once in a while.
2. Make Time Management Your Top Priority Once you establish a particular number of hours you’ll work each week, it’s time to assess how you can get the most out of those hours. Every morning, sit down with a pen and paper or your tablet and make a list of everything you’d like to accomplish each hour of your working day. If you don’t meet your hourly goals, give yourself more time for certain tasks, as needed. The key to proper time management isn’t rushing through what you have to do. It’s setting realistic goals and accomplishing them in a timely manner while avoiding procrastination and distractions.

3. Disconnect From Work

Most business owners take their work home with them. In fact, many business owners make work their life. This is an understandable reaction to running a business, but it’s not necessarily the best one. When you’re done working for the day, make it your job to enjoy yourself and forget about everything that’s going on with your business. If you have trouble sleeping at night because your mind is racing with thoughts about your business, consider listening to a guided meditation that’s intended to promote sleep. This will help you clear your head and get the rest you need to help you help your business take on the world.

Author’s Bio: Carolyn is a guest blogger on the subjects of small business operations, starting your own company, and order management software for ecommerce merchants who use Shopify, BigCommerce, and 3dcart.