5 Easy Ways to be Healthier

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guide-to-live-healthy-5907803 As the year moves past the 6-month mark, a lot of those who have resolved to live a healthier lifestyle for the New Year have probably fallen off the wagon by now. We get it—healthy living can fall by the wayside if you have a demanding job, kids to look after, a house to clean, etc. And yet, given our hectic lifestyles, we need to take care of our bodies more than ever, especially since we subject it to a lot of stress and environmental insults. Luckily, there are a few minor changes that you can do to make your body –and mind—healthier. And even better, these do not really require a huge amount of commitment, like going vegan would, for instance. If you feel that you need to be more responsible about your health, read on. This article presents five ways that you can easily do every day to make yourself and your family healthier.

1. Eat a good breakfast. When your grandma said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, she wasn’t kidding: even doctors and scientists say the same thing. Breakfast is important in that it replenishes your blood sugar reserves after several long hours of not eating while you slept. Eating a good breakfast helps your metabolism stay on an even keel, so you end up with a steady supply of energy during the day. However, splashing some milk on a sugar-filled cereal doesn’t quite cut it though; you will be better off with something wholegrain, with lots of protein thrown in for good measure.

2. Change your frappes into fresh smoothies. With a Starbucks popping up in every street corner, it has become virtually de rigueur to tote a large frappe or latte. All that caffeine and calories are not really good for you. A much better option would be to hit up your local juice bar for a fresh fruit smoothie—also yummy but chockfull of vitamins and fiber which most of us hardly get enough of.

3. Try walking for a change. According to insiders, French women don’t get fat because they like walking everywhere. Walking is a perfect form of exercise in that it doesn’t take up too much time, it doesn’t really require special footwear, and best of all—it is a necessary activity anyway. So rather than taking the car everywhere you go, put on some comfy shoes and just bring your heels in a shoe bag for changing later.

4. Breathe deeply. It may seem funny but the truth is that we often neglect to breathe deeply and properly. Take a deep breath and observe your body: does your chest expand when you take a deep inhalation and then fall down when you exhale? If so, you are doing it wrong!True deep breathing does not involve the chest, but rather focuses on the diaphragm.

5. Get enough sleep every day.
There really is no working around the reality that everybody needs between 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day. You can take all the supplements you need and eat nothing but the most wholesome food but you will still find something lacking until you give your body the rest it needs. Sleep is the body’s downtime—it’s when the repair and regeneration of the body cells occur. So rather than going into debt over the latest HD TV which you ‘need’ to relax, consider investing in a quality mattress and bed—with good sleep every night, you are bound to find yourself feeling less stressed and more productive at work and in your personal life.

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