5 iPhone Apps That Will Make You a Time Management God

time-management-aps-8574862In the past, time was associated with brevity, with never having enough. Time was lost, wasted, and slipped through our fingers. Time flew. Despite it being mankind’s ultimate goal to be lord over time, time had us in a perpetual headlock, rubbing its knuckles against our skull as we begged for one free minute of recess. Yet as technology developed, our wrestles with time were no longer one-sided. The advent of the cellular phone and the internet has made us more efficient than ever before. It allows us to communicate faster and accomplish tasks wherever we go. Time is no longer something we can’t spare. Every day we have more time on our side and on our hands. This is especially true if one of those hands is carrying an iPhone. The following 5 iPhone Apps will help you become a God of Time Management:
1. Checklist Wrangler

Checklists are an essential part of modern society. There are checklists for business tasks, travel essentials, household chores, and even checklists for future checklists. The Wrangler allows you to organize these checklists into categories such as list type or time frame, such as sorting between annual or daily tasks. Checklists can also be sent via e-mail as reminders to other parties.

2. Shopper

The inexpensive iPhone Shopper is an electronic grocery list that allows users to make and edit lists easily, while at the same time sharing that list with other family members. The basic app is preloaded with a number of common lists typical of most shoppers, but allows individuals to create new categories or add items to an existing list. The items can be organized to match the aisles of the store, then dropped from the list when placed into your shopping cart. The bar code function can be used to scan new items and add them to the list for future reference. The success of the app has also led to stores partnering with Shopper to give coupon savings and promotions to users.

3. RemindYou

For those who feel the native iPhone time management software doesn’t suffice, RemindYou is a simple system that offers flexible input and the ability to set reminders for up to 20 appointments. By syncing the app to other programs, the RemindYou feature automatically updates your list of upcoming events. The fact that it serves as competition for iPhone’s proprietary software means you will have to jailbreak your phone in order to utilize RemindYou. Nevertheless, as a testament to its effectiveness, CEO Benjamin Shell has stated that 140,000 apps have been sold since its release.

4. Things

A modern take on the old to-do list, Things allows you to organize your activities by date, category, or group of your choosing. When a task is accomplished an item can be checked off and removed from the list. Things comes with a built-in function that allows users to put off tasks to the following day, serving as a metaphorical snooze button for unessential items.

5. Eternity Time Log

At first the name of this app may seem a bit ironic, as it takes an eternity before you get accustomed to logging in your hours each day. However, once you get in the habit of entering in the data, the information provided is priceless. Eternity Time Log allows you to analyze how you spent your day and refocus yourself toward the tasks and activities that are more important. It can map your daily routine in helpful pie charts and percentages as well as sort them by various time periods, giving you a better understanding of where time was spent and how it might be wasted.

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