5 Reasons to Add Solar Awnings to Your Small Business

When you’re expanding your small business for the first time and looking for office space, you’re probably trying to cut costs as much as possible while providing a professional and comfortable environment for your customers and employees. One of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to improve your business location is to use solar power. Not only do you save on your utility bills, you also invest in a modern architectural design that will bring your business into the new and exciting world of green technology. Here are a few great reasons to think about trying it.

1. It May Be Cheaper than You Think

More and more cities and towns are actually partnering with small businesses to offer price incentives for installing solar awnings on their windows and doors, and even over carports. You can look into the programs in your area and see if any help is provided by the city. Even if you don’t live in an area with programs like this, there are tax incentives for solar energy for your business, just like when you install it in your home. The tax credits can make the price of installation almost pay for itself.
2. It’s Quick and Easy Solar awnings can be installed at your business or office in as little as two days. After that, these simple, retractable awnings require little to no maintenance and will retain their solar power storage abilities for years to come.

3. It’s Fashionable

Solar awnings can be available in different colors and patterns, and they give your business a truly distinctive look. Not to mention, they make any building look instantly modern. Solar awnings lend themselves to sleek modern architecture. Many restaurant owners love solar awnings for outdoor seating because they can make any patio look elegant.

4. It Cuts Your Bills in Half

When most people think of solar energy, they realize their electric bills will be cut down – usually at least fifty percent, if not more. But another benefit of solar awnings, especially on windows, mean that your building will be filled with perfect shade – cutting down on air conditioning and sun glare. It can make the inside of your office a cool, comfortable place to be without paying a fortune in utilities.

5. It Can Protect From Weather Damage

Depending on the region where you live, the damage that the sun can cause to paint and walls can cost you a lot in accumulated need for paint jobs and repair. Solar awnings can significantly reduce that need, but they can also protect from the rain and other elements of nature that can wear down your building over time. Solar awnings can seem like a fancy accessory when you’re trying to plan your budget for a small business. But for many reasons, they add up to a cost-effective, smart business decision that can save you quite a lot of money over time. Solar energy cuts cost – that’s just a fact. And what better excuse is there than that to live a little greener?

Kevin Vogel writes for eco design sites and uses exclusiv-home.de/#markisen for great ideas.