Christmas Gifts for Kids

christmas2bgift2bfor2bchildren-5223493 Yes it is only September but we have a hunch that you will have already started your Christmas planning. If not, it is the right to time to start as you will get enough time to plan and act in advance. Living in harder times means it takes a little more sacrifice to give our little ones Christmas’ they will never forget. It has been widely reported that parents have to save up generally all year round to make sure they can afford all the food, decorations and of course presents when the magical time comes around. As parents, we know we get the odd treat at Christmas but ultimately the bulk of our savings will be spent on the latest must haves for our kids. Every year we see lists of the must have kids Christmas presents for both boys and girls and a full age range published from varying sources, sometimes by people with a vested interest in the success of a product.

What was famous in last year?

Last year’s popular kids Christmas presents included Microwavable Hotties, Animal Poppers, Tyrrell Katz Gifts for boys & Girls, cupcake bath bombs & Animal Pillows for Kids but that was last year! It is rare for the top 10 Christmas presents to be the same 2 years running but every now and again you will see the resurgence of older toys, maybe even reincarnations of toys you played with when you were younger!

For Example, this year it has been hinted that “Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls” are set for a new look and to storm the kid’s toy charts, as well as those every football loving young boys favorite from the past few decades Subbuteo!

How to select a gift this year?

Now these predictions may not come to fruition but the process is now part and parcel of the build to Christmas. These lists though should be no more than helpful guidance, ultimately you need to find the presents your kids are actually likely to enjoy playing with for months to come, not just Christmas morning until the novelty wears off! For years the easiest way to go about this has been to encourage a spot of letter writing to Santa as you can’t beat hearing it from the horse’s mouth. That said if you kids are anything like ours buying everything on the list every year could well bankrupt you so a few handpicked items from the list will generally stand you in good stead. Also if the present you buy comes in a large box you have pretty much got two presents in one there, how often have you seen your kids disregard their Christmas presents you have spent so much time researching for a day playing a large cardboard box? Whatever presents you decide on we are sure your Christmas time will be nothing short of magical!

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