Don’t Let Poor Credit Ruin Your Chances of Getting Your Dream Job

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Get ahead of the game by taking control of your credit now

If you’ve ever applied for a job, you know that many employers check credit histories on potential employees. Employers use credit reports to judge how responsible a person is. What an employer finds on a credit report can cause issues when you’re searching for the perfect job.

Before an employer runs a credit report on you for employment purposes, he must first notify you in writing and obtain your written consent. There are some items that could cause issues if found on a credit report. There are red flags employers will pay attention to and use as part of the decision making process. These red flags include: • Liens against you could be a sign of irresponsibility. It shows you weren’t responsible enough to pay off a debt or even negotiate a settlement.

• A bankruptcy or foreclosure shows a lack of responsibility with things you’ve committed to. An employer might think you’ll bail on large projects and aren’t resourceful.

• Late fees show you have trouble budgeting.• If you have 100 percent credit utilization, it will show an employer that you are in over your head and can’t stick to your budget – if you even have one.• Recent opening of several new accounts or closing of several accounts could be a sign that you are desperate and in need of extra credit because you are in over your head, which an employer wouldn’t want to see. Closing accounts could look like you can’t handle money and don’t know how to avoid debt.The key here is to get your hands on your credit report regularly, and make sure the information is accurate and up to date. Keep your report as clean as possible, and if you find any fraudulent or erroneous information, contact the bureau immediately to have it removed.If you find your credit is less than what you’d like it to be, get to work. It is a reflection of you – and potential employers could be using it as a measuring tool.Guest article provided by They offer LifeLock Promotion Codes that provide the LifeLock service at a discounted rate.

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