Five Ways to Set Aside Money During a Recession

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Editor’s Note: This guest post submitted by Michael Manuel

When recession hits everyone feels it. If you want to survive the recession you need to know a few tricks to setting aside money to use when the pinch gets painful.

#1 Use Special Bank Cards

If you have an account with a bank that allows you to round up your purchase amounts, you should register and make use of the service. If you purchase a pack of gum for $.75 the remaining $.25 of the dollar is automatically sent to your savings account. Many banks will match the amount saved at the end of the year.

#2 Use Paper, Bottle Change

When you go to make a purchase, use only paper money. Every time you receive change in coins put the coins in a bottle or piggy bank. Eventually, you’ll have put aside quite a bit of change that can be loaded into a con counting machine and turned into credit at a grocery store.

#3 Home Café

Rather than spending $100 a week on specialty coffee drinks, you can spend that money on an espresso machine (one time purchase), and have the same specialty coffees at half the price. The money you would have spent on the coffee from the shop can go in a shoebox.

#4 Family Dinner Time

Instead of eating out at your favorite restaurants you can search online for the recipes of your favorite restaurant foods and make the same foods in your own home for much less than you’d pay at the restaurant. Put the money you would have spent into a cookie jar.

#5 Home Salon

You can save a lot of money performing salon services in your own home. You can cut, color, and style your own hair, and put the money you would have spent into an old coffee can.For those who haven’t saved for a rainy day and are in need of a short term injection of cash, consider a short term loan with findthepaydayloan to last until payday.