Four Ways To Hack Your Wallet Or Purse

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Editor’s Note: This is a Guest article by Raine Parker Hacks usually make our lives easier, more efficient, and happy. They are simply ways we can improve our lives. So it makes sense, then, that you would want to hack your wallet or purse, as this could help you manage your money. Here are four hacks that will help you be responsible with, literally, your purse strings!

copyright-2010-corbiscorporation-8A Picture is Worth a Thousand Dollars

This hack means that you’ll want to somehow find a way to keep a photograph near your credit card. The photograph should be of a loved one, maybe your child or spouse, someone for whom your financial habits and decisions will mean a lot. If you find yourself tempted to spring for that third drink or extra features on the new television, all you need to keep your spending in check is a gentle reminder from the face of a loved one that holding onto your money for better purposes makes more sense.

Slim Fits Better in Your Pocket

A thinner wallet fits in your back pocket much more comfortably. Likewise, a lighter purse will be easier to carry around. As a result of your looking out for your physical comfort, your wallet or purse will be much more manageable. It won’t be stuffed with so many credit cards, club membership cards, receipts, and everything else. With a simple financial package, you’ll know exactly what card you used to charge your bill on and you’ll know exactly how much cash you have on hand.

Treat Yourself to Hidden Treasure

Of course, we like a treat now and then, so you can hack your wallet or purse to help you get that treat. Set aside a small bit of cash and put it in a small pocket in your wallet or purse. Or hide it behind your identification card. You may have to trick yourself a little bit or force yourself to not spend the money for a while, but eventually you’ll forget about it. And then, when you discover it, you can treat yourself to a little surprise, instead of using other money that you’ve earmarked for important expenses. It’s nice to have a little variety in your financial scheme.

Use a Travel Wallet or Purse

When you travel, it’s helpful to have a special travel wallet or purse, preferably one that can only carry the bare essentials. That act of transferring and sorting everything from your daily wallet or purse to your travel one will force you to keep track of what you’re going to be spending on the trip. Plus, by forcing yourself to only take certain things, you can avoid losing everything should your travel wallet or purse get stolen on your trip.

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