Fun Ways to Save Up Some Money!

Here’s what happens in an ideal world. After you receive your salary at the start of the month, you go out to a lovely restaurant for dinner, catch a few of those movies that your friends have been raving about, buy yourself a few new clothes for a fun night out and maybe even get away on the weekend to that holiday spot nearby. Now here’s what happens in the real world. It’s the middle of the month and you’re flat broke. We’ve all been in this mess and most of us will probably continue with this cycle of blowing up money before we can even cash in the cheque. Life’s hectic and prices are rising and it’s been the same story for a while now. So, here are some really easy ways to save money and make sure that you can do at least some of the things on your check list!

Switch off that television set!

No, I’m not talking about the overall consequences of watching television being a huge electricity bill; even though that is one of the reasons you should watch lesser television. Television exposes you to a lot of pop cultural items, instilling the desire to spend your money on new clothes, sunglasses, shoes, watches, bags, hair-dos and so on, essentially, on things that you probably already have and really do not need! Save your money by not doubling the items in your wardrobe.
Acquaint yourself with the concept of lists! When you’re going out to the grocery store or to a shop to buy anything, make a list and make sure that you stick to the items on the list and only those! Don’t purchase things unnecessarily and add to your overall bill. Don’t buy things for the sake of retail therapy as those items will come back to haunt you.

Save your energy!

Make sure that all the appliances in your home are ones that use energy in a sustainable manner. One such appliance can be an energy efficient air conditioner that can reduce not only the overall energy used in your home but also can save up in terms of the electricity bill.

Eat a good breakfast!

This may come as a surprise but eating a good breakfast at the start of the day really helps you save up on your money! Eating breakfast provides you with energy throughout the day and diminishes your desire to eat a big lunch later. Not only does this step help you save money, but also helps you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Hustle up some dough!

If you have a talent, such as playing an instrument, performing, drawing or dancing, start offering your talents to your friends or acquaintances for a small fee. For instance, draw something amazing on someone’s pair of shoes and charge them for it or design your own tie-dye t-shirts and sell them to people you know! If you’re a writer, freelance! This way, you grow a small and easy business and get some extra money and also have something to do when you’re bored!

Cut your own hair!

Well, why not?


Hitch a ride with a couple of friends from work who live around your house and cut down on your petrol or taxi costs. There are two ways of doing this, either you fix a price that everyone pays at the start of the month or take turns filling in petrol in the car!

Make your own beer or wine!

Let’s face it, this sounds like fun and most of our money goes on alcohol anyway. You can easily make up to five gallons of beer or wine at a time and the ingredients are very cheap and the method is extremely simple! So, go on, save some of that hard earned money and splurge later on an item from your wish list!

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