How Expensive is Weight Loss ?

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weight-loss-ideas-9768004Weight gain is one of the largest threats to health and losing weight is something that most people are interested in when it comes to living a healthy life. Given the importance of weight loss, there are a number of ways to achieve the goal of reaching a healthy weight. Most experts will generally agree that the absolute best way to lose weight is through eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Unfortunately, the best way to lose weight is also one of the most difficult ways to lose weight.

How expensive is weight loss?

The business of losing weight is believed to add $30 billion to the US industry every year, but the answer to the above question will depend on the person who wants to lose weight. Weight loss can be incredibly expensive or quite cheap. It all depends on how much weight you want to lose and how you are willing to lose the weight. Weight loss pills are a huge market globally.

Most people who are trying to lose weight are looking for the miracle pill they can take which will magically remove the unwanted pounds. In many cases, there are pills to reduce weight by inhibiting hunger. Eating less calories is a great way to start losing weight and is very effective. The expense involved in “diet pills” depends on the quality and effectiveness of the pills, as well as how much weight needs to be lost.

Exercise doesn’t cost anything, does it?

Exercise is another aspect of losing weight and is just as effective, if not much more, than diet pills. The effects of exercise are long lasting and have other healthy benefits as well. For most people, joining a gym is one of the most common ways to exercise regularly. The cost of joining a gym is usually inexpensive (depending on what standard and additional comforts you want and new year is a great opportunity to look out for deals – I managed to get membership with a good standard of gym in the UK at this time for a yearly price of £300) and even with the added cost of a personal trainer at the gym the costs are quite low. Even more effective than joining a gym would be hiring a personal trainer privately. Private personal training is probably the most expensive way to achieve the goals of losing weight and staying healthy, but also has much better results than just joining a gym.

How much will dieting set you back?

Controlling caloric intake is one of the key factors in losing weight. There are all sorts of fad diets out there and many of them do work if they are adhered to. The cost of dieting depends on the diet itself and how much is spent on the food that you are eating. In many cases, because you are choosing to eat less food, the actual cost of the diet is negative. That means that you are actually spending less money on food and so your weight loss program is less than free, because you are actually saving money. On the other side of the spectrum there are some weight loss programs that will sell you their own prepared meals. Those types of programs tend to be expensive but do have a good success rate. Weight Watchers, for example, have weight loss options at a reasonable price of around £20 per month.

The costly option of weight loss surgery

In cases of extreme obesity, when diet and exercise appear to be just too slow and/or ineffective, there are extreme measures that can be taken. There are a number of surgical procedures that can be done to will help with weight loss; otherwise known as weight loss surgery. None of these measures are inexpensive, but for some they are the only method of losing weight. At the lowest end of the scale would be things that are largely cosmetic, such as liposuction which is expensive and will result in a sudden weight loss through the removal of excess fat. Even in extreme cases, doctors will still stress the importance of proper diet and exercise.

About the Author: Richard is a freelance writer who has never undertaken a diet or anything close to it, but who is avid member of a growing group of people who want to save the pennies! Visit him on Twitter at @thefreshhealth.

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