How to Save Money on Macintosh Software

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Because of holy wars between Mac users and Windows fans, I’ve decided to express my humble point of view on this question. And not only because of holy wars, but also because I’ve got my own questions, and for today I have found only one way of resolving these problems.

The Mac OS X is really good – it is much quicker, much less vulnerable to viruses and is comparably easier than Windows. But yet it has a few minuses, which make Mac OS usage a bit more difficult and irritating to use. In particular, Mac OS X has no small, but very useful in-built decisions for cleaning, defragging and keeping the system free of different stuff. It has no free official antivirus like Microsoft Security Essentials. It hasn’t got a lot of other stuff which is unnoticeable until you need it sharply.

I’ve found only two ways of resolving such problems. Due to my habit of keeping my Mac clean, I always used to install and try out many free and commercial programs for cleaning, optimizing and other useful trifles. A lot of them were severe trash, but some turned out to be useful. But buying such software is not really cheap. As I have already mentioned, Mac has many small trifles missing. Thus when you try to find something matching your demands, you begin to count:

a) Cleaning software – for log, caches, language files eradication, etc.

b) De-fragmentation software – for keeping the HDD in proper condition, I hate when my Mac begins to be slow-working because of files fragmentation

c) Antivirus software – though many fools tell that “Mac OS X is invulnerable, blah-blah-blah”, I personally know what is spyware and key loggers, especially for Macs

d) Optimizing software – to tweak your Mac in such a way that the RAM wouldn’t come to an end because of usage of all above mentioned tools This list can be continued readily. The trick is that almost every program has to be bought, and the sum you are going to pay for all of this will frighten you. In addition, your RAM has to be severely upgraded to run simultaneously the OS, the programs you’re using in the background and other small tools and services which are always present on any Mac machine. The result is predictable, as you understand – our Mac becomes slow not because of the trash inside the system, but because of the programs for removing this trash.

This was the first variation of resolving the problem of the third-party software for Macs. Personally I use the following one: lately some developers have made a good decision to create COMPLEX software programs for eradicating trash and keeping Macs in proper order. Such software enables us to save two vital things: our money (which is always an actual topic) and our RAM (which can be used for some more adequate purposes). Both of them are important, and the above mentioned all-in-one decisions are quite good for both of them and, accordingly, for us. The above mentioned “bundle” software costs much less than every single application bought separately. Hope my experience will help you saving your money and your Mac resources.

About David:
Hi, my name is Tamika Clifford. I am freelance technology blogger and journalist with special passion to software technologies. The article presented allows you to make decision on software choice and save substantial amounts of money using alternative solutions which are often no worse than paid programs. To learn more on effective Mac software read more