How to Sell Your Home in a Difficult Real Estate Market

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sell-home-quick-5486678This is a guest post by Shannen Doherty

These days, homeowners often find themselves asking, “how on earth can I sell my house in such a crowded and competitive market?” The reality is that the real estate market is saturated. However, there are some simple, but very effective methods, you can use to ensure that your house sells within a reasonable time frame.

The first thing to consider is how to encourage buyers to not only love the house itself, but also the location. People who are purchasing a house not only want a beautiful home, but also a location that is safe, pleasant to look at, within commuting distance of local amenities and has friendly neighbors.

Mentioning the stunning local countryside walks nearby, or the fantastic shops if the house is in a town or city, could be what tips things in your favor. After all, when buying a house, people always have a certain lifestyle in mind to go along with it. If you live in the country, play up the charming, rustic setting; if you live in the city, assure potential buyers of the chic, cosmopolitan facilities that are just a stroll away.
Home staging is a popular way in which estate agents sell houses quickly. In essence, it simply means creating a welcoming, homely atmosphere that gives potential buyers an idea of what it really feels like to live in the house. An untidy house that smells musty and generally uncared for will ultimately put people off, regardless of whether the house is actually a great buy. If your budget allows, consider doing some redecorating; a quick lick of a neutral colored paint on the walls and perhaps some new furniture pieces or decorative accessories can transform a dull and lackluster home into one that oozes style and charm.

Even if your budget is tight and redecorating or renovations are out of the question, it is still important to give the best impression of your home. This means making sure the house is sparklingly clean, uncluttered and well lit.

A classic trick employed by many people trying to sell their house is to bake bread before people come to view the property, as the comforting smell creates a sense of cosiness in the house. Similarly, if selling during the colder months of the year, it can be pleasant to light a fire if you have a working fireplace; this will create a warm and homely feel in the room. Whilst these cosy touches can be very effective in creating just the right atmosphere, it is best to depersonalize the space in terms of photographs, knick-knacks and trophies.

When people think to themselves, “how can I sell my house as quickly as possible?” they often forget about the most basic but important details of making a sale. Getting the word out about the house for sale through an estate agent is essential, of course, but remember to make it as easy as possible for people to view the property. Whilst viewing by appointment is the sensible option, make sure to allow for those who spot your for sale sign when they are passing by and want to take a quick peek. The key is to arrange as many views as you possibly can, as this increases the likelihood of finding a buyer.

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