How to Sell Your House Faster with Feng Shui

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how-to-sell-home-4653341 In a slow and sluggish housing market, selling a house can turn out to be quite a challenging feat, indeed. And if your house has been sitting on the market for a while without so much as a positive remark or encouraging smile from a potential buyer–it’s time to turn things around so that you can finally make that sale. That’s where Feng Shui can come into play. With Feng Shui, you can implement some major changes to your home that will make it a more harmonious and energetically balanced space. Negative elements in and around your house can be turned into positive ones–resulting in a warm, welcoming flow of energy that prospective buyers will feel “at home” in. Want to sell your home faster? Check out the following Feng Shui tips that might help you do just that.

Create a Good First Impression

If you don’t like what the entry way to your home looks and feels like, don’t expect buyers to like it either. First impressions are the most important ones, so look at your home through the eyes of a buyer and think about what it is they will see first. Chances are, the main or front entrance to your home is going to create the first impression. Think about some positive adjustments you can make to the main entrance that will give it a warm, welcoming glow. Place a few potted plants or hanging flower baskets near the front door, shake out the welcome mat, paint the door or trim if needed, and check to see that your door opens easily–no sticks or squeaks to speak of. If your house is difficult for people to find, put new house numbers up and make sure they’re visible from the street. Place the numbers in a diagonal fashion, moving upwards with each digit.

De-Clutter the Entire House

Clutter in your home will create the feeling of chaos–and the mere sight of it will send buyers running to the nearest exit and on to the next home. De-clutter your entire house from top to bottom, garage and storage areas included, and a peaceful atmosphere will be the end result. Go through each room, one by one, and get rid of the things you no longer need by tossing, recycling, selling, or donating them. Anything that has been forgotten about for more than a year is probably not something you need to keep–and the more you are able to part with, the less cluttered your house will be. When buyers walk through your home, they try to visualize themselves in that space. A space filled with “stuff” leaves no room for people to live comfortably–and if they can’t picture themselves living there, they will continue their search for that perfect house without looking back.

Remove Energy Obstacles

Walk from room to room in your house and make note of large, dense furnishings that bring you to an abrupt halt because of their placement. If certain items in your home prevent you from moving about freely, imagine what it does to the energy flow. Rearrange your furniture in such a way that makes each room feel inviting. Seating arrangements should never force someone’s back to face the door, and sharp edges or corners of furniture should never jut out into a passageway. Remove or replace furnishings that seem like they’re in the way or simply don’t serve a purpose. Items that serve as reminders of broken or failed relationships should also be discarded as they will pollute the air that surrounds them. Removing all energy blockers will promote a comfortable and homey atmosphere that your house needs to make it more marketable.

Make Improvements and Repairs

Make a list of everything in your home that needs fixing, no matter how big or small, and get to work making repairs. If the paint is peeling, chipping, or just looks plain–freshen it up and maybe even consider changing the color scheme in your home. A new coat of paint in a color that fits the room can really transform the entire space. Implement a simple yet classy décor throughout your home by replacing window treatments, improving the lighting, and accenting rooms with plants, crystals, and beautiful pieces of art.

Be Ready to Move On

If you or someone else in your home doesn’t feel ready to leave, plan for a long wait on the market. Being unable or unwilling to let go will only strengthen your energetic ties to the home–and those ties will cause anyone that’s interested to think twice because it just won’t “feel right” to them. Remind yourself or your family members of the positive aspects of moving, highlighting the many ways in which a move could benefit your life. Once you’re able to let go and accept the idea of moving on, the space will open up energetically in a way that will appeal to someone new. Feng Shui can be very helpful in selling a home, and the sooner you put its principles into practice, the faster your house will sell. If you’re really motivated to sell your house, take some time to study the ancient art of Feng Shui. When you really delve into it, you can learn how to map out your house and make necessary adjustments according to Feng Shui principles–and before you know it, you’ll be replacing your “for sale” sign with one proudly marked “sold.”

Guest post from Bailey Harris. Bailey writes for Area Rugs Online.