How to Start an Online Couponing Site with Little Capital

online-coupons-8695357 Capital is one barrier that often disheartens people who has an idea for a business. And when it comes to making money, whether it’s a brick and mortar or an online business, one cannot go around the fact that money is needed to start it.

Growth of Online Shopping

Online shopping has again ballooned by 14% to £50 billion this year as it always does. With this growth rate to show for, no wonder many entrepreneurs who are opting to find their dream business online. The numbers about online purchases tells us two things:
1) People loves to shop online and are projected to do it more in the future

2) Online businesses looks very promising because of its expected growth rate

Starting an Online Couponing Site

Other than affiliate marketing, one type of business an entrepreneur can build online without being required too much experience is a couponing website. Since we’ve concluded that online shopping is going to be even a bigger business in the future, we have to carry the fact that people always loves to look for bargains. This is probably why every browser in the world has one in their bookmarks.

Here are the steps on creating an online couponing site:

1) Learn from the best couponing sites by studying the top ones 2) Get a keyword rich domain name 3) You can use WordPress with the couponing theme to build your site 4) Roundup the best places to get coupons and contact companies for some exclusive ones

5) Proceed with SEO

Little Capital

We can go around the need of not having a huge capital if we can do these three tips:

1) Market, promote and optimize your business quickly so that you can earn a good enough income before your initial capital runs out.

2) Since you’re going to do a lot of marketing, try to do a little freelancing to earn income that would fuel your start-up. For example, if you’re good at article writing and that’s what you use most for SEO, you can do additional articles each day for clients willing to pay for what you’ve written.

3) You can loan from loved ones.
Lending money from family or friends is usually the cheapest way to gain access to money, because it is the loan with the lowest interest and most flexible payments.

Tips on Managing It
We’re going to focus on how you can promote your new couponing site since I’ve been stressing so much on its importance. In addition, it’s vital because we don’t want to spend a large capital on this venture.

Firstly, the best thing to do is to incorporate social media into it. Create social media profiles for your site and connect all of them through buttons, fan boxes and linking your site’s URL on the profiles.

Secondly, use the profiles to promote your site heavily by joining Facebook groups and promoting in as many group timelines as you can. Moreover, tell your friends, followers and circles about the site.

Another tip is to encourage visitors to subscribe to your couponing site through email. Getting their information may leverage you with some companies to place their ads and coupons into your site for income.

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