How to take our World out of Recession?

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In this guest post, Asav Patel, from ‘My Journey To Billionaire Club’, discusses on ‘How to take our World Out of Recession’.

Today I was talking with my old friend on phone. He was very much worry about the current Recession & Global economic slow down. Recently he heard the news that, in USA they are firing Indian doctors also.

He was scared because he knew some Indian doctor over there who has been recently fired. He was asking me that, What is the solution of the Recession? When will Obama take USA & this World out of the Recession?

Well, so many people around this world are thinking the same way. They hope that, one day come when Obama will take the USA out of the Recession. Well, Obama is doing right things right now. But only Obama can’t take USA & World out of the Recession.

It is you (& Me) who can take our world out of the Recession.

So What is the solution of this problem? How can we take this world out of the Recession?

Well, according to me there are 2 basic solutions of this problem. I know that, you may not agree with me but these are the 2 possible solutions that i have thought. So i thought that I should express it with you……..

Solution: 1 Create Jobs in the Economy by Developing New Businesses…. Entrepreneurs come ahead…!!!

Well, all of you know that, because of the recession the businesses are shutting down. In last 1 month only around 34,000 businesses in Europe shut down and thousands in USA. Now No Businesses in the economy means no Jobs or there is a severe job loss at the mass scale.So What is the Solution of this problem? Well…. We have to create new jobs in the economy. And than and only we can take world Economy out of the recession.So How can we create New Jobs in the Economy? Well, Simple…………. By Creating Businesses…..So Who will Create Businesses?…… Again it is very Simple……… Entrepreneurs will create new Businesses.So Where are the Entrepreneurs? Why don’t entrepreneurs come and save us?Well, Because unfortunately there is a shortage of Entrepreneurs. So Why there is a Shortage of Entrepreneurs?………..Well, See the solution No 2 for this………!!!!!!!

Solution: 2 Redesigning of the our current Age-old School System

So by now you understand that one solution of taking our world out of the Recession is Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs will create Businesses and thus the new jobs will be created in the Economy and thus we will be out of the Recession.

But again ……… We know that we need Entrepreneurs but there is a shortage of Entrepreneurs in the economy. There is no shortage of Employees & Self-employees in the economy. We have over supply of them but we have a clear shortage of Entrepreneurs.

– So Why we have a shortage of Entrepreneurs & what is the Solution of it?

Well, we have a shortage of Entrepreneurs right now in the world because our School/Education System is not designed in such a manner that it can create entrepreneurs & Capitalists. Our traditional age old school system is designed in such a manner that it will create only employees & Self-employees.I remember that, The only thing I learned about Businesses & Investments in my whole the school life was, – “It is Risky.”This age old school altitude kills natural entrepreneurs since school. And ultimately they lose their confidence & convert themselves into Employees & Self-employees. And when right now we need Entrepreneurs, we don’t have enough Entrepreneurs in the Economy.I have a solution of this problem.

The Solution is – “If Some how we re-design our School System in such a way that it motivates & produces all the 4 essential components of the Economy – Employees, Self-Employees, Entrepreneurs & Capitalists (Investors). Than and only our Economy will have enough Entrepreneurs in the Long run & This is the only Long-term Solution of protection our World from Future Recessions according to Me……….!!!!!

So We can take our World out of the Recession in 2 ways – Short Term & Long term (Future Recessions) Both……… By Motivating Entrepreneurs & Creating New Jobs in the Economy (Short Term) & By Redesigning of School System (Long Term)……….

What do you Think?…….!!!!!!!!!

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