How to Turn Your Old Jewelry Into Your Next Paycheck

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how-to-turn-your-old-jewelry-into-your-next-paycheck-9168541Have you ever glanced around your home and wondered, “How can I make some extra cash from stuff I already have lying around the house?” In this economy, you are not alone! One of the best places to look for items to sell around the house is in your jewelry boxes. Be honest – how often do you wear most of those pieces? And do any of them actually have any sentimental or family value? Probably not, right? If this is the case, you can turn that old jewelry into your next paycheck! Old jewelry is something that most of us have, sitting around and collecting dust in a jewelry box, so why not pass it off to someone who can enjoy it and make yourself some money in the process? It doesn’t matter if your pieces are contemporary, vintage, or antique – they can all likely make you money.
Once you have decided on the pieces you would like to sell, the next step is determining the value of your jewelry. The value depends on two main factors: how much demand there is for your particular piece; and the intrinsic value of the precious metals and gemstones in the piece. Brand, craftsmanship, style, and age can all affect the demand of your jewelry.

If your jewelry is antique, it may be hard to figure out who the manufacturer of the piece is because several old jewelry makers did not use marks to identify themselves. If this is the case, and you feel your piece is worth over $1,000, you should consider having it appraised. Make sure that you choose a jewelry appraiser who is a professional jeweler, as they will have more expertise in that area.

You can also choose to do your own research online if you do not wish to hire a professional to appraise your jewelry. Check out auction sites like eBay to see what price similar pieces are currently selling for.

Now that you have determined a value for your jewelry, you need to find a buyer and you have three main options: person to person, online, or in a pawn shop.

– If you are going to meet someone in person, it is very important that you protect yourself! Never invite someone to your home; instead, always opt to meet the potential buyer in a public place like a shopping mall or restaurant. The buyer’s bank is also a great place to meet so that they are able to access their cash immediately if they decide to buy your jewelry.

– If you are going to sell your jewelry online via an auction site, always have it properly cleaned first. It is also important to remember when selling your jewelry online that there is no guarantee that the price you will receive will be more than what a professional jewelry buyer would pay you today.

-You can also get immediate gratification by choosing to sell jewelry to a pawn shop and going home with the cash the same day. Make sure you choose a pawn shop that specializes in buying and selling jewelry or one that is a local, dedicated jewelry buyer. News investigations have shown that these types of buyers will pay more for your jewelry than the big, nationally advertised gold and jewelry buyers you see on TV.

Now that you know your options, get out there and make yourself some cash! Instead of that jewelry sitting around collecting nothing but dust, it has collected you another paycheck! Enjoy it!

About the Author: Chris Gold is the community manager at San Diego Jewelry Buyers, a leading buyer and pawnbroker of gold, silver, diamonds, high grade watches, fine estate jewelry, and luxury fashion accessories. Based in San Diego County, San Diego Jewelry Buyers purchases and offers instant cash loans on luxury assets, providing instant liquidity to clients in California and throughout the US.