Is Christmas Debt Really Worth It?

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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Sarah Jennings of Moneybright, UK The festive season is expensive. Whether you have children or not, anyone celebrating Christmas is likely to find themselves with higher than usual spending! Whether you are purchasing presents for family, buying food for your big meal or indulging in the Christmas treats you just cannot resist, it all adds up.

While there are a number of great ways to avoid Christmas Debt, employing thrifty tactics like shopping on special discount days or using promotional discount codes online, you’ll still be left with a big Christmas bill. There are a number of people who argue that spending excessively at Christmas actually undermines what the season is about. And of course it does.

Even if you do not consider yourself Christian, you probably know that Christmas is fundamentally a celebration of the birth of Jesus. But this holiday has since been turned into a big commercial festivity, as stores and businesses rub their hands together at the thought of cashing in during a time when we’re a little more ‘spend-happy’. Millions of non-Christians celebrate by buying gifts, having a special meal etc and it all comes with a price tag.Experts warn, however, that spending more than you can afford to over the holiday season will lead to a nasty financial hangover in the new year, as consumers struggle to pay the debt they accumulated. Christmas debt can run on well into the new year, for some lasting right until the next Christmas when the big spend starts again. This vicious cycle can be avoided by simply spending within a conservative budget and employing some sensible debt management tactics. It is possible to have an affordable Christmas without cutting down your enjoyment!

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