Payment Processing for Mobile Merchants

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Editor’s note: This is a guest article from Jake Hamels

pay-anywhere-1198771If you are an entrepreneur looking to open your own business, it has just become much easier to process payments, especially for mobile businesses. It has always been difficult for mobile businesses to accept payments because they always relied on cash and personal checks. There is now a new technology available that allows these mobile businesses to accept credit cards. This makes things a whole lot easier for both you and your customers.

Whether you are a contractor, artist, food cart owner or just looking to earn money through a yard sale, your Smartphone can now act as a credit card terminal. This technology works by installing a credit card reader to the top of your phone along with the installation of an application. The credit card is scanned into the application and then processed by your merchant services provider. This process makes it easy for your business to provide iPhone credit card processing to your customers. It also works on Android and Blackberry Smartphones.

On top of processing credit card payments, your merchant services provider also creates a receipt of the sale for your records. This is extremely beneficial because businesses that are always on the road do not have time to worry about losing receipts and cash/checks. When setting up a traditional merchant account, there are usually monthly charges and fees to activate the service. This is not the case when processing payments with your Smartphone. Most mobile merchant services providers such as Pay Anywhere, charge per use making it more convenient for mobile merchants and anyone that needs to process payments quickly.

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