Save Money and Gas with These Great Tips

If people aren’t complaining about the weather, they’re complaining about the price of gas, and unfortunately, they’ve had a lot to complain about lately. A gallon of gas now costs well over $3.00 a gallon in even the most remote parts of the United States. Not only is it frustrating to have to pay that much money to fill up your tank, but apart from sprouting an oil leak in your backyard, there’s really nothing you can do about the price at the pump. Before you trade your car in for a horse and buggy however, save money on gas by making sure the fuel you’re putting in your tank lasts as long as possible.

Use Higher Quality Gasoline

You’re probably wondering how buying more expensive gas can save you money, and while it does seem counter intuitive at first—it’s actually true. The higher the grade of fuel, the more parts petroleum it’s made up of. The more concentrated the gas is with petroleum, the more slowly it burns. So though you may pay a little more every time you fill up, if you switch to higher quality fuel—you’ll be filling up a lot less often.

Not only can using higher quality gasoline save you money at the pump, it can also save you money at the repair shop. Cheap gasoline is full of chemicals that get stuck inside your engine and corrode its parts. Chemical corrosion has been the demise of more than one engine, so by choosing a fuel with less chemicals—presumably the less frequently you’ll be hanging out with your mechanic.

Change Your Air Filter

What most people don’t know about air filters is that a clean one can go a long way in helping your car’s engine burn fuel more efficiently. The cleaner your air filter is the more oxygen that can get to your engine, and the more oxygen that’s in your engine, the less fuel you’ll need to burn to get it started. A great way to remember to change your air filter regularly is to do so every—or every other—time you get an oil change, depending on how frequently your car needs to have its oil changed of course.

Watch Your Speed

Nobody wants to hear this, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. The absolute best way to make sure the gas in your tank is lasting as long as possible is simply to slow down. While it can be frustrating to abide by the speed limit and drive in the right lane, every time you accelerate you’re burning gas. Get used to leaving early and taking your time to get places. Don’t forget to use your cruise control when you’re on the highway too. If you cut down on speeding, you can end up getting an extra 5 miles or more out of a gallon of gas.

This post was contributed by Brittany Larson of Porsche of Fairfield.