The Finest iPad Apps for Designers and for Kids

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best-ipad-apps-1391954 The iPad, that beautiful invention marrying the characteristics of your versatile laptop and handy smartphone, has played many roles since the time it was unveiled to the thrilled public. It has been a great companion on a rainy day spent on the couch, an excellent source of educational information, a channel by which people all over the globe connect with one another, an indispensable work tool, and a fun playmate for the youth. Of course, all the roles the iPad has fulfilled in everyday life are due to the thousands of iPad apps available. Here are some of the best apps for kids and designers.

iPad Apps for Kids Once upon a time, children stepped out of the door, got muddied by who knows what, and threw rocks at neighbors’ windows to get some fun. During the early stages of their childhood, their parents had to make up flashcards and whatnot to teach them the basics of math and reading. With the following iPad apps, all these have become things of the past.

• Learn to Read!

This app is the modern version of those flashcards used by parents to teach their kids how to read. Commonly used words flash on the screen, while they are being pronounced by a voice recording. The app consists of a group of the English language’s frequently used sight words – the Dolch Word List. With the inclusion of the different parts of speech (e.g. pronouns, adjectives, verbs, propositions, adverbs, and conjunctions), the app even covers words that are more difficult to learn through pictures. Parents of kids from pre-school to second grade will absolutely love this app.

• Plants vs. Zombies

Okay, so this app is also available on iPhone, but with the larger screen that comes with the iPad, this game has the potential to become extremely addictive. Kids will feel the adrenaline rush of having to fend off hordes of the terrifying zombies by planting powerful plants in their way. Not only is this app entertaining, it also serves a double whammy of honing the critical thinking skills of the youth as they decide on which planting strategies will best launch their defense and offense.

• Bobo Explores Light

Whoever said science is boring did not have this iPad app when he was still a kid. School-age children will find their eyes popping with interest as this app shows beautiful digital pages exploring various science topics such as lasers, reflections, lightning, and the like. Science will never be the same again in the eyes of the little ones.

iPad Apps for Designers

iPads have also been a boon to the designing community. Here are some of the finest iPadd apps for designers:

• Adobe Ideas

This app provides all the simple and effective tools for you to get ideas and designs down quickly. It acts as a mobile digital sketchbook and even allows you to draw over the top of images such as photos if you want to. With toolsets for outlines, thumbnails, and rough drawings, you can rapidly capture those brilliant ideas onto the screen, even when you are out on the road.

• Palettes Pro

The name says it all! This app provides all the color models you should ever need to create color schemes from scratch for whatever project you are working on. Should the wide-ranging selections be not enough for you, Palettes Pro also allows you to capture colors from websites and photographs.

• MindNode

Sometimes, creative minds can produce so many brilliant thoughts and ideas that it all becomes overwhelming. MindNode is the perfect iPad app for collecting your thoughts and organizing them to make execution easy and perfect. This mind-mapping tool can help you expand and connect ideas, the perfect brainstorming app for any designing project.

iPad apps can be the ultimate playmate and educator for kids. They can also be the perfect drawing board and virtual assistant for designers. If you are one of the latter, you will find that working with these apps and Phoenix inbound marketing can make your job so much easier. Download these apps now!

Sunny Popali
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