Top 4 Questions you need to Ask Yourself Before Signing Up in any Insurance Policy

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There are several instances in life when you wonder if you have made the right decision. A few of them may be related with finances. Investing your hard earned cash in any financial products of a company without understanding how it functions, is a common problem these days. Your mind is stuffed with doubts and uncertainty on whether you have made a good investment, particularly if it is in a long-lasting deal like insurance. Insurance policies are a must in any financial portfolio as it includes the risk linked with the loss of life or asset. Since it involves a long term deal, mostly a decade, it is quite hard to make modifications or amend these agreements during the policy term. Thus, you have to spend more time researching about the offers to make sure you don’t end up regretting later on. What are the questions or factors you need to consider when getting an insurance policy?

Is it a need-based investment?

The typical thumb rule is that your insurance should be a 10x your annual income so that your family is not impacted financially in case something unexpected happened. You have to consider any pre-existing medical difficulty or property loans while picking the best life insurance.

Your financial portfolio must be well balanced and need-based. For an instance, you have to create a corpus for your kids’ education, you can pick from a variety of items from insurance companies that guarantee the funds that you had planned for you kids’ education are obtainable whether you are around or not. You have to remember that insurance is a protection-cum-long-term investment and savings tool. You have to know your needs, and accordingly purchase a policy that will help you meet your needs in the future.

Is it a reputable company?

As soon as you have decided to purchase a policy, you could do the necessary background check on the company involved. All life insurance companies have complete disclosures on their sites that provide all the necessary data. Policy structure, client service capabilities, scope of system, and online platform are just some of the important things you must look for.

Have you compared several companies?

There are several sites that can help you compare many policies as well as premiums from different insurance companies. But, the only thing you need not to worry is the financial health of an insurance firm. The insurance sector is well regulated and all companies have to keep a solvency ratio to make sure that clients will not suffer. Several companies are offering different deals. It is advisable to check on them and pick one that best suits your needs and budget.

Are you familiar with the policy?

Understanding the features of the policy, particularly those linked to term, payments, maturity dates, and costs is extremely important. You should also understand the benefit structure of the cover. Every Ulip comes with an advantage illustration at 10% and 6% that unveils the costa and what the status of your investment would be every year.

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