Top Five Booming Jobs

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Editor’s Note: This guest post is contributed by Olivia Coleman

topjobs-2336173While many of Americans are struggling to make ends meet and find steady employment, there are some sectors of the economy that are not only surviving, they’re thriving. These sectors are projected to see amazing employment growth in the coming years, and college students especially, should pay close attention to this list of top five booming jobs in America.

The job facing the greatest boom in the country right now is biomedical engineering. According to the editors of Money magazine, demand for biomedical engineers is expected to increase by 72 percent by 2018. And with these professionals earning an average of $76,000 per year, their economic outlook is equally as positive. This is a highly complex and technical field, however, as engineering principles and techniques are applied to the medical fields in order to improve medical diagnosis and treatments. The profession to see the second-greatest demand is that of telecommunications network engineers. This field is expected to grow by 53 percent in the next ten years. These engineers work to solve and prevent problems that occur in telecom networks. They work to meet the needs and goals of their clients regarding voice, wireless and data communications, and help with installations and troubleshooting.

Physician assistants are projected to see the third-greatest employment growth in ten years, 39 percent. These medical professionals are expected to become increasingly important to the health care industry because of recent budget cuts and increased care demands. Hospitals can save money because these professionals do not garner the same salaries as physicians, yet they are highly trained in various medical sectors. Physician assistants usually earn around $92,000 a year, depending on their area of expertise, locality, and experience level.

Software architects are also expected to see a large employment growth, around 34 percent in ten years. These professionals, who earn an average of $120,000 a year, dictate the design elements to software developers, including platforms, coding, and technical levels. Essentially, they are tasked to interpreting the clients’ needs and conveying those ideas to the design teams. This job is also ranked number one on the Money magazine best jobs list.

The number five job on this list is that of environmental engineering, which is projected to see a 31 percent growth in the next ten years. Much of this growth is thanks to the popular trend of “going green.” These professionals work to apply the principles of engineering, science, and math to create products and systems that are more sustainable. Environmental engineers earn around $81,000 per year, and have the 5th best job on Money’s best job ranking.

The projected growth of these jobs provides clear indications into which industries the nation is funneling resources, money, and expertise. The medical, environmental, and telecommunications fields are not only great places to find employment, they might also be the best places to invest one’s money.

This guest post is contributed by Olivia Coleman, who writes on the topics of online colleges and universities. She welcomes your comments at her email ID:

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