Top Reasons to Make Sure the Bike is Covered on the Road

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bike-cover-6007830 Motorcycle owners are a different breed, taking pride in the ride and the sense of freedom they experience on the road. However, they are at a greater risk when on a bike, facing greater exposure to danger and the potential for more damage should an accident occur. It is important to have the best coverage available.

Finding Brokers who specialize in Motorcycle Coverage

While it is possible to obtain motorcycle insurance on a regular vehicle policy, it may be more feasible to find a provider that specializes in policies designed for a motorcycle. Having adequate protection at a fair price is a must. The brokers who make motorcycles their business will provide the best options.
Liability When purchasing motorcycle insurance, make sure you have full liability coverage. This includes property liability but also covers bodily injury liability. It’s important to know that property damage expenses will be taken care of but of greater concern is the expenses involved for potential injuries. This could even mean a special amount of coverage for medical expenses and it’s important to make sure you have everything you need.


Believe it or not, but not every policy covers repairs to the motorcycle should there be a collision. If you want to be reimbursed for any damages to your bike, you need to ask about collision. You should note that the insurance company is going to pay you according to their estimates of the worth of your bike, not your own. Don’t be afraid to raise every concern and discuss all scenarios with your insurance broker. That’s what they are paid for.


Many people overlook comprehensive. This is available to cover your bike in the event that damage occurs from incidents other than accidents involving other vehicles. For example, a motorcycle will be covered should theft occur. Without comprehensive, you would be out of luck with no recourse to at least get back some of your losses. Natural disaster such as hail, wind damage and falling tree limbs could cause damage and it’s good to know they are covered under comprehensive. This form of insurance takes care of fire damage as well.

Towing and Storage

You probably haven’t even considered towing expenses and having the bike stored in the event of an accident. These costs can add up fast if you don’t have coverage on your insurance policy. Ask for a quote that includes towing and storage. You might not like the rise in your quote but you’ll be happy in the event that you need that coverage. Like any other form of auto insurance, your quote will depend on you as well. If you have a good record, years of experience and take a driver’s safety course, you can expect the best possible results. Do your homework before going with any motorcycle policy. Look at what the competition is offering and find the best deal with adequate coverage for your needs. You may think you can’t afford full coverage but think on it.

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