Why You Should Consider a Holiday Home in Belize?

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belize-5417742 Over the past few years Belize has emerged as a top Caribbean tourist destination. With azure waters of the Caribbean one side and tropical rain forests on the other, Belize attracts over 850,000 visitors every year. Investments in Belizean property are also on the rise. Here are some of the reasons why investing in a Belizean holiday home makes sense.

Abundant natural treasures

Belize is well known for its abundant natural treasures. Here you can scuba dive or snorkel to explore the underwater world, swim through the kaleidoscope of corals, go fishing and catch your supper fresh from the sea or go kayaking from one palm dotted sandy island to another. The list of things you can do here is a long one. Belize also features tropical rainforests, which house a large variety of birds and animals. You can unravel the mysteries of ancient civilizations by exploring Mayan ruins. A luxury holiday home in Belize allows you to enjoy everything that the country has to offer.
No restrictions on property ownership by foreigners A key reason why investing in a luxury holiday home in Belize makes sense is that there no restrictions on property ownership by foreigners. Non-Belizeans have equal right to property. You can legally own Belizean property under your own name or jointly with a partner. The land certificate clearly states the title. You can even acquire title insurance for your Belizean property in your home country.

Low cost of living

In Belize you can lead a quality life at a low cost. Every US dollar is worth 2 Belizean dollars. Even when compared to other Caribbean countries, Belize is much more affordable. In spite of the benefits of Belizean real estate, it is not as heavily marketed as properties in destinations like Panama or Costa Rica. Low demand means low price, which is a major advantage for investors.

Attractive retirement program

If you are looking for an exotic destination for retirement, Belize is the perfect choice. The sunny weather, miles and miles of white sand beaches, clear azure waters, tropical forests and friendly people are sure to add to the joy of your retirement years. The Belizean government has recently implemented a retirement program to attract foreign investment. The program further increases the overall appeal of Belize as a retirement destination. People who quality for the QRP (Qualified Retired Persons) program can enjoy benefits like various tax exemptions and expedited residency status.

Political and economic stability

Belize is an independent democracy. It is also a member of the British Commonwealth. The former British colony features a legal framework similar to the UK. The crime rate is very low and in spite of cultural diversity interethnic violence has never been reported. Belizean dollar is pegged to the US dollar at the fixed ratio of 2:1. Belizeans are known to be the friendliest people in the world. A majority of locals speak English making it easy English-speaking non-Belizeans to get settled.

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