Windows 8 and Smartphone on Business

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Marcela Dias of webprofits

The introduction of the new Windows 8 operating system will create a lot of fallout, not only just in the PC market, but in the world of business and smartphones. This article looks at some of the issues related to this very hot topic.

Windows 8 and Smartphone on Business Expected to Increase

With the imminent release of the long awaited Windows 8 operating system, discussion and talk about the impact on smartphones is really heating up. Smartphones are an excellent option for anyone in business. There is a huge amount of support already for anything Windows 8, with dedicated forums to upgrade and repair Windows 8 already in operation. In this article, we look at some of the radical improvements you can make with your business and using smartphones to greatly reduce your costs.

• VOIP. If you are not talking advantage of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), you are paying way too much for your calls. VOIP allows you to use data connections, such as through your 3G network and wireless connections, to make calls with video features. The best business phone systems work extremely well with Windows, and the Windows 8 update will only improve their services and that of your phone. VOIP over wireless connections means you can have calls with video that cost you next to nothing.

• Packages. If you are going to be using your company mobile phones with VOIP services it is important you get a good deal on your call plans. Data connections can cost a lot if you are paying by the amount of data. It is extremely important you get a good plan for your data use.

• Phone Manufacturers. Intel is already beefing up technology for smartphones. Intel processors with loads of speed for smartphones for Windows 8 look highly likely to be on the market in the very near future. Nokia, the company which was extremely unhappy with Windows 7, is making statements they will produce Nokia phones for the new operating systems. This will mean a larger choice and a much bigger uptake by users because Nokia phones are so popular in so many markets. Nokia, which has been dedicated to the chunky Symbian operating system, looks like it will slowly switch to the Windows 8 operating system. If Nokia changes to the new operating system, you can expect many other phone manufacturers to follow suit.

• Apps and Devices. More smartphone producers will mean more apps for the new Windows 8 operating system. We can expect to see phones operating on Windows 8 to compete with that of Apple’s iPhone. Remember, PC computers are still the most popular computers in the market today. A phone that runs on a system that is compatible with our desktops and laptops will be the easiest choice. As each user is using multiple devices, an operating system that can bridge these differences will have an edge over the market. Cloud computing will become more important as you ‘continue where you left off’, even when you have switched devices.

If you are comfortable with Windows, you will love the new update. If you are planning to upgrade your smartphone, or buy a new one, it is worth watching the market for new the new trend that is about to emerge. Windows 8 based smartphones are going to be highly compatible with many other products and services you are used to.

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