5 Investments That Will Greatly Increase the Value of Your Home

Home re-modelling is a very good option these days. Re-modelling does not only update the design and beautify your home. It also helps your home increase in value. With the present unstable housing market and falling home prices, people are looking for ways to increase the value of their homes. There are a number of ways to increase the value of your home. Many people invest in home improvement projects to raise the amount that their house will sell for. These investments will greatly increase the value of homes.
Top Five Investments That Will Increase the Value of Your Home

• Major Kitchen Remodel

Most buyers choose their future homes based on the kitchen and the master bedroom. Homeowners should start investing in their kitchen. When a person walks into a kitchen, the first thing they notice is the cupboards. The cupboards account for a large percentage of re-modelling costs, but they also bring the most in returns. Homeowners should choose wood cabinets and add features like wine racks, glazing, customized woodwork and crown moulding to set your kitchen apart from the others. Homeowners can also upgrade their countertops for a sleeker look.
• Upgrade the Master Bedroom and Bathroom Just like the kitchen, the master bedroom is a deciding factor in buying a home. Create an ambiance that has a great value. Install different lighting options in the bedroom to make it more appealing in the eyes of future buyers. The master bathroom is as important as the bedroom. Like the kitchen, get as many upgrades as you can afford. Investing in multi-sprayer showers and soaking tubs will add more value to your home.

• Usable Garage

Maximize the functionality of your garage by making it fully usable. In addition to a clean and usable garage, invest in a storage space. Install organizing shelves, garage walls and ceilings that will be appealing to future owners.

• Loft Conversion

Give the future owners of your home more space by converting an attic into a functional space that could be used as an office, a bedroom or an entertainment room. There are different types of loft conversions, but the two main types are dormer and roof window conversions. Dormer conversions are usually done to create more headroom and space within the loft. Dormers are widely known because they add beauty to the home where they are installed, but the installation requires planning permission from the authorities. Roof window conversions are also a very attractive option for homeowners. The installation will provide more than enough light for the loft space. Roof window conversion doesn’t require planning permission. However, you may need building approval. Loft conversion is the most popular improvement you can make to your home.

• Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

Eco-conscious buyers are looking for homes that are Eco-friendly. Making your home Eco-friendly will guarantee a great return on investment. Opt for renewable resources like bamboo flooring for finishes and choose to invest in systems that will help save on energy costs. Always remember that no matter what investment you make, Eco-friendly living is always worth it. These five investments can help people greatly increase the value of their homes. However, homeowners should not limit themselves to these ideas. There are many other great investments that can help homes increase in value. You don’t have to do all the improvements at once if the cost is beyond your budget. You can do them one at a time, and you will still increase the value of your home. However, it is always best to invest in upgrades at least once a year.

Author bio: Lucy James is a freelance writer specializing in Home Improvements and Investments. She is also currently helping to represent CHC Build online, a company that specialize in Loft Conversions West London, extensions and renovation.