Best Natural Beauty Tips for Working Women

beauty-tips-1280895 The working women are often busy in their professional, social and personal life. At their offices, they are seen dealing with some challenging jobs, at the same time the household tasks too are not easy to accomplish. So, at the end of the day, they are left with no time to address their beauty needs. However, looking pretty and attractive over the workplaces or when they moves out for any social gathering is important for them. You could dedicate one day in your weekend to take care of your cosmetic needs and try several vital natural beauty methods to look good and pretty. The below are some of the best natural beauty tips for working women.

Moisturizing your skin with honey

A majority of working women fail to find time to try the basic skin care options. All you need to do is to simply moisturize your face before you leave for work or outside.

Also, during the break time, you could do the same at the workplace. So instead of using any moisturizer cream the natural solution is to use honey. Honey is popular for carrying high quality skin conditioning attributes and antibacterial effects. Also, it is among the most incredible healing ingredient for things like masks, moisturizers, lip balms and cleansers. If you could find active Manuka honey (usually popular in New Zealand), it is among the best option for healing your skin. You can use wet and warm towel to open up your skin pores and then slowly and steadily spread the honey over your skin or face. Now, leave it for around half an hour and then simply rinse with warm water followed by cold to close your skin pores.

Use Kiwis for cleansing your skin

There is a wrong notion among women that by using soap on a daily basis; you can get rid of the zits, dirt, dust and pimples. However, doing so could open your skin pores. So, when you look out for some natural beauty tips, Kiwis stands out the best option for cleansing your skin. Kiwis have good amount of Vitamin C and it refreshes your skin when you apply it over toners and masks. You can add fresh pulp and kiwi juice in a wide range of natural ingredients to form masks. It is also beneficial as cleansing mask. Ideally, you need to leave the mask for around 15 minutes then wash with warm water followed by cold water. Later you could follow your normal moisturizer.

For lip care

To look attractive, lips too deserve proper attention. In order to keep them in a right condition, you have several natural methods. For this, you can mix one table spoon of cranberry sauce juice along with two tablespoons of Vaseline to make an appetizing homemade lip balm. You need to apply some lemon juice along with this lip balm; this will help you in avoiding the black color over the lips. Now massage your lips with the help of coriander leap juice to get rosy and soft lips.

For hair care

Attractive hair too is considered as an integral part of beauty in women. In order to take care of your hair, you should massage them with the help of coconut oil for around an hour before you wash them. Make a paste in your mixer of hibiscus petals and apply them over your hair followed by rinsing it. If you want some good results, you could think of boiling a small amount of hibiscus followers along with the coconut oil. Now, filter this oil and apply it over your hair. This will reduce your hair loss and thinning.

Final word

The natural facial treatments these days are dominating in the cosmetic world. Considering the number of benefits involved in the natural beauty methods, more and more women are using it to glow their skin and beauty. The above natural beauty tips are not only result oriented but at the same time very inexpensive. Try them out.

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