Top 8 Financial Shows on TV Every Businessman Should Watch

Global recession, economic slumps and wildly fluctuating markets have frayed the nerves of every businessman in the world today with worries of high-risk investments. Knowledge of the business environment, when stock trading has become so volatile, can help prevent bad investments and expert opinions can guide businessmen to better choices financially. Financial shows on TV, such as the ones discussed below, are broadcast regularly on networks like CNBC in the United States, CBS in Canada, and the Dish Mexico package is increasingly popular with Dish’s Hispanic customer base, and can be very educating in such regard and are worthy of a businessman’s time.

1. Squawk Box

Currently hosted by Joe Kernen, Carl Quintanilla and Becky Quick, Squawk Box debuted in 1995 and runs on CNBC from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. ET as their signature morning program.

The show features some of the biggest interviews of the financial world and has a proven its ability to be the first in reporting financial news. It airs before the market opens and broadcasts the most important stories of the day featuring high-profile guests from the world of politics and economics. From people who are looking to make their first foray into the market to casual investors and professional traders, this show is a must-watch for anyone with the slightest interest in finance.

2. Mad Money

The show debuted on 14th March, 2005 and has been a major success ever since. It is hosted by Jim Cramer, who has a lot of energy, keeps it entertaining and at the same time, makes sure the show remains very educational.

Mad Money focuses on educating people who trade in stocks or want to enter the market by buying stocks. What makes it different than most other financial shows on TV is that it doesn’t make the decisions for the audience, but tries to teach people how the market works so that they can make better investment choices on their own. One of the show’s most helpful segments, for any investor, is “Am I Diversified?” which helps with how people can keep their portfolios diversified and minimize the risks on their investment.

3. Taking Stock

Hosted by Anchor Pimm Fox, Bloomberg Television’s Taking Stock is the financial show of choice for people who need advice on stock picks for their investment portfolios.

Taking Stock broadcasts interviews with market leaders, money managers, CEOs of the biggest companies in the world, top quality financial analysts and even former White House chiefs-of-staff who discuss the ranking financial issues of the day and the current market to help individuals make more informed decisions about which stock to buy.

4. The Kudlow Report

This hour-long presentation hosted by Lawrence Kudlow on CNBC from Mondays to Fridays is a refreshingly with

unique show that discusses the current business issues a perspective on how politics influences them.

The Kudlow Report is divided up into four segments that feature politicians, economists and analysts as guests who take part in lively debates and provide persuasive arguments and opinions on each subject.

5. Fast Money

Originating from the NASDAQ MarketSite in New York City, Fast Money is a talk show that discusses financial stock trading four days a week on CNBC. Melissa Lee anchors the show, hosting debates between Wall Street traders who debate investment strategies covering topics such as options trading, commodities and exchange-traded funds.

6. The Lang & O’Leary Exchange

The show airs on CBC weekdays and is hosted by senior business correspondent Amanda Lang, who kicks off the show by listing the day’s top business stories as her co-host, investor/entrepreneur Kevin O’Leary, provides commentary on them.

It continues with discussions about strategies and the opportunities available for investment and features several interviews with experts in business, finance, journalism and other newsmakers as well which are conducted both in-studio and outside the studio.

7. Stossel

On air since 10th December, 2009, Stossel brings to light all the current consumer issues for TV audiences on the Fox Business Network every Thursday. John Stossel highlights these issues through a libertarian viewpoint and calls in experts to discuss both sides of the argument, often acting the part of a devil’s advocate to enhance the debates.

8. Closing Bell

Closing bell closes the business day for TV audiences by bringing them all the headlines and the news from the market in the early evenings on CNBC. Show anchor Maria Bartiromo provides insights into what drives the market and how investors react to the changes, and interviews analysts, experts and CEOs for their opinions about the breaking stories and strategies on how to deal with the issues.

Although most people prefer to browse the internet for any information they might require, television still remains a popular and important source of information that educates while it entertains. Networks like CNBC and Bloomberg are popular choices when trying to find shows, whether they are for educational or entertainment purposes, while the Dish Mexico package is increasingly popular with Dish’s Hispanic customer base.

This article was written by Ms.Emily an expert in finance and stock trading who regularly advises on strategies for investments on TV and through blogs in her spare time. The Dish Mexico package is increasingly popular with Dish’s Hispanic customer base by broadcasting coverage of people like the author in Spanish.