Buy a new home? Factors to consider intelligently

Buying a home is a life time investment and not easy to revert that decision. There are many small and big factors impact when buying a new house. Below, a nice checklist for potential buyers, who has to take care of, to determine the fair value of his buy.

A. If it is an apartment or independent house, below are the things to be consider when proceed to buy:

1. Ground and floor – Level and well drained2. Gardens and lawns3. No Big cracks in the concrete4. Foundation slab structure and ensure there is no crack5. Sewage and septic tank link6. Good condition of roof7. Waste disposal8. Ceilings and wall – no water seepage9. Monthly cost for maintenance and its quality10. Parking and common area adequacy11. Backup power and water availability for whole day12. Building security13. Staff for cleaning, plumbing and electrical works14. Facilities like Gym, swimming pool etc..

B. Exterior and interior considerations at a glance

1. Quality of doors and easy to handle2. Weatherproof windows3. Boundary wall and gate and its height and condition4. Floors allows water to drain quickly5. Gutters and drainpipes are adequate6. Good conditioned electrical wirings7. Separate electrical circuits to all sections in the house8. Pressure of water9. Ensure no plumbing leak and all toilets are in well condition

C. Overall considerations about the house

1. Size and equipments in the kitchen2. Size and shape of the living room3. Ventilation4. Movement5. Storage facility6. Level of maintenance7. Parking availability

D. Location considerations – check the following facilities are available

1. Hospital2. Fire station3. Commute to work4. School5. Petrol Pump6. Public transportation7. Market8. Police station9. Post office10. Bank and ATM facility11. Parks and other recreationsConsider to buy the house if at least 75% of the above listed factors are met as ‘above average’.

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