How to Get a Business Patent

Probably one of the greatest achievements in one’s life is to have an important and useful invention. But what if after a month somebody snatches your idea and sold that similar item you invented in a cheaper price? By this time, definitely not all consumers will be loyal to you even if you are the inventor. Sales will be distributed, which by the way is supposed to be yours. This is why patent protection is made. By applying a patent, you will have exclusive rights with your invention in a specific time period. Well, it is your invention and you cracked your brain for it, so own it and earn from it! Below are steps on how to get a patent.

1. Make sure you have a detailed documentation of your invention. Any changes made or even how you were able to arrive to the concept should be part of your records. You need to explain everything about your discovery. Think of it as a diary or bible of your invention. Each entry should be signed by you and two other witnesses with a date. There are also times that a model of your discovery should be presented.

2. Check if what you invented or discovered is eligible for a patent. This protection is not granted just for mere idea. It must be working and new or unique. If a similar invention exists, there should be a significant improvement on your discovery. Also, you will not be granted patent protection if your invention has been known or for sale for more than a year already.

3. You have to be aware that filing and getting for a patent costs thousands of dollars. Before deciding to obtain one, you must research first if your invention will be marketable. Be sure that paying a huge amount for a patent is worth it.

4. Research about your invention or discovery. Again, before applying, you have to make sure that what you have is original. You can first search the internet then go to the Patent and Trademark Depository Library. It is advisable not to hire someone to do the search for you since you know your invention well than any other person. If an earlier invention exists, you will need to include in your application the difference or the important improvement of your discovery.

5. If you are now set, know what kind of patent you want to apply for. There are Utility Patent, Design Patent, Plant Patent, etc. You have to apply for utility patent if the one you invented or discovered is a new useful development or advancement like a process, machine, matter composition, etc. Design patent is given when you invented a design that is unique and new for a manufacture item. On the other hand, plant patent is given if you discovered a unique plant that reproduces asexually.

6. There are some limitations in filing an application form online. You can search on which patents are acceptable in their electronic filing system. You can also visit or call the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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