Insightful Money Saving Tips on Electricity

Money Saving Tips on Electricity

Tip #1 In the sense of energy, ensure your house is green compliance by installing Solar Panels for Bulbs, Heater etc.

Tip #2 Replace all the ordinary bulbs and tubes with highly energy efficient CFL lamps

Tip #3 Confirm you have fail proof electrical cabling and don’t facing any earthing issues in home as well as bad wires. Install Electric circuit breakers for better safety.

Tip #4 Ensure you are not using any electric equipments that have any kind of operational defects or damaged. Bad equipment generally utilize more electricity than right one.

Tip #5 Never allow any equipments, bulbs or any items, that use electricity, keep running if that is really not required.

Tip #6 Have a practice of turning of all equipments before going to sleep or going out. Have a habit of switching-off the main switch if you are going out for long. If refrigerator required to work, then manually check and confirm all other electric equipments, gadgets, bulbs etc have switched off. Personally saying, I have a fail proof practice of checking water heater, gas burners, then switching-off main switch before going out.

Tip #7 Never allow your television, laptop or desktop or any other electric equipment to sit as stand by mode. This would indirectly eat lots of power! Have a practice of turning it off if not using.

Tip #8 Never use any equipment/s that doesn’t have or meet certain quality specifications and standards. I personally found cheap electrical instruments, especially cheap Chinese electrical items, are major culprits for getting high electricity bills.

Tip #9 Have a ‘weekly once’ practice for ironing, dish washers, washing machines etc. If your both hands are free, use it to wash dresses, plates etc., in weekdays. As a best tip, get right idea about the off-peak hours and try to run such equipments at this time.

Tip #10 If you have air-conditioner or heater, ensure your room doesn’t have any holes to leak the air. Remember, you should have excellent insulation in the top, bottom and side areas of your home or room!

Tip #11 Using washing machines are a bad practice to dry clothes. If it is a sunny day, there is natural heat to dry your cloth. Why do you neglect to utilize such god given options

Tip #12 Eco-friendly home with lots of plants, both small and tall, around the home is highly helpful to sustaining with cool atmosphere always. This is highly helpful to reduce the use of air conditioners in the summer season!

Tip #13 Have light colored walls inside the room to get more brightness. This could reduce the requirements of adding additional lights inside the room.

Tip #14 Understand, Microwaves have power efficiency than conventional oven. Use that.

Tip #15 For the night safety, it is highly advisable to purchase and install economical, motion activated lights. This could eliminate the requirement of having full time light in the surroundings at the night time.

Tip #16 To get the best heating results from your fireplace, consider installing a heat-air exchange system that blows warmed air back into the room. This will keep the room much warmer meaning you can lower your thermostat and save money.

Tip #17 Take care to switch of ventilator fans once it has done the work. If not do so, it will give reverse affect.

Tip #18 Clean all the electronic equipments, filters and bulbs to do the work more efficiently.

Tip #19 careful to ‘tune’ the temperature of your refrigerator, heater, AC etc.. to the right degree.

Tip #20 Remember to clean/change filters of AC, Burners or any item that use filters, regularly to leverage the efficiency.

Tip #21 Never fail to compare utility bills to identify and report any possible errors. Never neglect to pay it in right time to avoid penalties.

Tip #22 Ask your local electric or gas utility for a free or low-cost home energy audit. The audit may reveal inexpensive ways to reduce home heating and cooling costs by hundreds of dollars a year.

Tip #23 Unplug any power strips or electrical components from wall outlets when not in use. Even though the power is off, it still draws power from the outlet. Electric bill went down that month when I started doing this

Tip #24 Confirm you have all the equipments and devices that are free from surges or rust.

Tip #25 Always prefer power strips with switches. Always use electrical devices such as cell phone chargers or TVs, with it. Turn the switch off when you don’t use the device to keep it from draining current. Using single switch, multi-strip outlet to connect various equipments in it would be a fantastic idea. It is easy to switch them all OFF at a time and thus prevent “vampire” electrical flow and its associated expenses.

Master tip to save lots of money on electricity and power# To show your integrity to the efforts by nations worldwide to save energy, be a part of this effort. Switch off lights and equipments at the peak hours and select this time for your family outings and shopping activities! Once you practice this, you can see the high reduction of your electricity bills.

Always discuss your ideas and share knowledge and tips with others in your group. This would helpful to get more innovative ideas or shape your idea in a better way.

Image by: Robert S. Donovan