Simple yet Superior Money Saving Ideas

Article by Sherin Dev; Follow me on TwitterDid you ever find the money tips freely available from net is worth for you? Some of them are really good but most of them not easy to practice of never give required results. Today, personal finance bloggers feel that the blog is not perfect if they don’t have at least one article, listing money saving tips. Most of the A-list personal finance bloggers are acting as the prophets of money saving tips. Their blog almost found filled with different saving ideas and tips but once read, it would really give you a chance to laugh by thinking how brainless they are when writing about money saving tips.

You may now think Money Hacker also brainless blogger because he also posted lots of articles on money saving tips and ideas. But, I challenge you to visit my list of money saving article and inform once you find any tip or idea in it is not able to adopt or practice to save lots of money.

I am again with a unique article which also listing four excellent money saving ideas. You may have find this in various placed but realizing now it is the ideas among them helpful to save lots of money compare with others. But, these are four best ideas among all these tips, when practicing, this is excellent to save lots of money at the end of each year. Why don’t take a look? Moreover than just an idea, all these four are highly compliant to green.

1. Change Your Bulbs and Tube Lights to CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps)

Energy efficiency of CFL are fabulous! It is fantastic compare with ordinary bulbs, tube lights or any other kinds. CFL gives you the same light of others with less power utilization and generally have longer life span. Its best advantage as said is it uses less power. This would bring your electricity bill down to a considerable amount. It could be a good amount at the end of year. All over, CFL is able to reduce the electricity cost to a minimum of 30%.

2. Switch of all the lights

this could be the second powerful money saver idea for today. Switching off all the lights whenever it is not required help us to save lots of money indirectly. Once if you practice, you can easily find the power of this simple idea. You can even practice going out the peak time of power usage after switching off all the lights in your home. A main switch connected all devices and electrical utilities would be a good idea to handle this at a single point. Of course, you will get a savings not less than 25% average in an year. Practice it as a new year resolution.

3. Public Transport / Pooled car

Vehicle maintenance are so costly today. If you are using the same at the peak times, your expense on using vehicles simply come to double or more than that. As a best solution practice taking public transport or pool cars with your friends in a rotation basis. This could save enormous money at the end of each year. Practice it, monitor the result and record it.

4. Install Solar Panels

This is considered as the most wonderful idea in for you in this year 2010. Install it. This is a cheapest and most effective idea to produce required power freely by utilizing natural resource, Sun. Many nations encouraging this idea to their people by knowing its power and how it make the nation energy efficient. A project initiated by European Union to install and produce solar energy system in Sahara desert and transmitting it to their nation showing how powerful this idea is. Connecting equipments like water heater and some of the most using lamps in your home would helpful to save lots of energy at the end of each year.