Web Apps for Team Management


Binfire helps in improving productivity between users. Its collaborative tools create multiple communications, interactivity and sharing to ensure the success of the project. It has an interactive Real-Time Whiteboard which is a multi-user interactive tool and an integrated chat feature with Skype audio conferencing. Other special features to help the project manager plan, to track and to deliver the project are collaborative. PDF-Markup, Event Notification and Document sharing are useful application accessible online.

Teamwork PM

TeamWork PM is an online tool to manage tasks by members in your projects. Whether small or big, set up a good communication platform to manage your team on one or more projects. The dashboard gives a quick overview of all the projects. Milestones related to the task assigned can be seen in the task list. Send messages to any team member and keep track of time spent on tasks. Files can be attached to tasks or messages and the task register will help in damage control when anything goes wrong. This application has also multi-lingual support to cater to a global operation.


DeskAway is a carefully designed project collaboration application which is web-based. It provides a team several custom-made features that help in organizing, tracking, managing projects of a member’s work. It’s easy to use, provides a central place to communicate, delegate, follow-up your teams’ work and also mobile-enabled. DeskAway helps to have control on who sees information and one can import data from Basecamp for back-up their project. There is nothing to install, download or configure, as it is on-demand business software on the cloud and easily accessible.


Wrike is another web-based application which is used for intuitive project management. Solving most of the usual managerial problems, it drastically increases the efficiency and productivity of managers worldwide. It has great features like automated task reminders, CSV export and import templates, task assignment and sharing, as well as an intelligent email engine with encryption.

Team managers will find it user-friendly and well structured. Two striking features are the Dynamic Timeline and the Flexible Structures. All subscriptions feature the ability to manage unlimited number of tasks and projects as all accounts come with real time data back-up. It is a customizable application in the cloud, recommended for small and middle sized companies.


WizeHive has a common workplace that incorporates the chat tool for real-time communication. This digital collaboration application fills the need of a collaborative workspace, links all tasks and it is easily accessible. Data of the workspace is automatically saved periodically to prevent loss. It has lot of options for customization and is intuitive. Create easily a workspace name and display collaborators in the project. Each section has a 2 minute video that explains the use of each section. The Help menu offers a well indexed description of all functions and it can be linked to a Twitter account. Tasks are easy to add, assign, edit and to mark completed. The layout too can be customized with events and tasks dated on the calendar.


This web-based application has been designed to suit small and large businesses alike. It is unique project management software that combines a dynamic chart generator and social collaboration application. As the advisor integrated into the app, appears on-screen at every step and it requires no user training. The Brainstorming Wizard is impressive as it helps the project greatly whereas Gantt Chart is very easy to comment and modify. Webplanner has a “Phases Library” to guide you in dividing the projects into phases, list out goals and requirements of your project and look-up tasks of your previous projects if you want. In all, the Webplanner is an effective tool to track your project that has been planned out.


Use ideapi for creating projects and involve all the members into the assigned tasks in a document created for the project. Discuss each section of the project document to keep track and restore order. Invite collaborators and give permissions with the help of the tools, as they can comment and suggest ideas. An “Author” status will allow them to edit their section of the document and the documents can be tagged for easy retrieval. ideapi is well designed to include people from a variety of fields and anyone from academics to advertisers, can join. Use ideapi to collaborate and approve documents in a structured way, so that the project will run efficiently.


With the help of Otipo, you can bring all information into one place and access it from anywhere, any-time and it is available for all team members. Create your own schedule board that suits your tasks and requirements. Manage your staff through the Staff List Page. Add new staff and define their roles. The Schedule Page shows members availability. You can send them sms messages, schedule automatically and change manually the schedule. Team members can send availability ahead of a period. So edit shifts and get the relevant summary reports. You have control of what members can see and a Getting Started wizard will help you out. Otipo is useful to many different disciplines and organizations. Define your own shift board, shift hours, roles, titles and levels with great flexibility.


Cohuman is an online application offered free with 1 GB storage, which can easily help users’ co-ordinate tasks and effectively plan to complete projects in time. Task prioritization is based on very simple concepts and combines them all in a focused approach. A project is considered as a group of tasks by Cohuman system. Each task is given a priority score and it is calculated against factors like dependency, deadline, etc. The user is given a clear list of tasks and thus the accountability of each member is encouraged. Sudden changes in the schedule can be incorporated seamlessly. A team member’s absence or a deadline change will reorder the task list. This sophisticated system considers that many people need to work on multiple projects every day. Cohuman uses the task score to prioritize each user’s task and automatically rearranges the order of tasks. It is a versatile tool for team collaboration for professionals and businesses working on projects. Easy to learn, the system has a great deal of automation.


Teamlab has an objective of making social networking and project management efficient and combined in its system. It is a multi-functional web office system for collaboration, document and project management. To assist team coordination, a vast range of features have been built-in to resolve common tasks and achieve targets. The entire set of teams can access Teamlab on the profile to contribute on a project. Find Features to help in gathering feedback and inputs. Users can send instant messages, share updates and create tasks to manage the project. They can build a team, create a wiki, post to blogs and forums, upload images, bookmark relevant sites, take polls and create widgets.

Teamlab offers 3 solutions for deployment. One is SaaS for ready-to-use service; another is Open Source to manually configure and maintain a portal; and AMI – for those who wish to deploy it on their server. Thus it can cater to everyday users, businesses and professionals.

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