When to Start Investing – Identify Your Right Time

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One of the most difficult question people always asks self, others or to advisers, but most of the time never get an answer is ‘When to Start Investing?”. Question is simple, but most of them don’t get any clear, satisfied answer when they deal with this question. Why these questions have such difficulty? A clear answer is, such people frequently fails to set life goals or financial goals time to time which is the top most component supporting investment decisions and time. Once have a clear goal, people generally try their best out to achieve it. Most of the people generally stuck up with selection of right goals because of ignorance or laziness. This would lead them later to roam with the question “When to start investing?”

Here is a short article to crack this question. It sometime reflects my own personal experience and thus would more enhance. To start or deal with such situation one should know why to invest. Making investments intend to get required finance to achieve any pre-set goal after a period. Such goals generally long term oriented such as buying a home after 10 or 1 years or marriage after 20 years. There are various situations in each person’s life to set and work for goals. Some of these are below but it is not limited.
Best time 1: Start investing at the collage time This is one of the best times in each person’s life. We are reaching to collage with lots of hopes on our career and life. Money reaching to our hand is limited at this time, but there are options to work part time or do any business to make money our self beside study. If one has a goal of set up a business after the collage, he should first identify the required finance and how he able to make that money. With this goal in mind, he can explore the investment possibilities. Take the path of side job or business to make money to invest for such future goals. One can even control spending of pocket money and set a portion to invest. Start little but in a disciplined way.

Best time 2: Start investing after getting your first salary

This is one of the best advices going to receive from experts if someone asks the question ‘When to start investing”. This advice closely connected to two golden investment theories. “Start early and invest regularly”. Even my preferred option is same immediately after getting your first salary. Set your future goal and start investing little by little to achieve it later. Building a home, marriage, retirement life, buying a vehicle or many goals can be set at this time..

Best time 3: Start investing immediately after or before getting married

This is the next best time choice to start investing. Start it before or after getting married. People generally can set multiple goals at this time like build a new home, a classy holiday trip later, plan for kids, plan for retirement etc.. One of the major advantage if choose this time is, you may get support from partner to invest more and regularly.

Best time 4: At the time of first kid

Naturally this is the fourth best time to prefer start investing. From my experience, I started investing for my each kid when they reached three months. Parents can set various goals like kids education, marriage etc.. to start investing at this time.


Investments can be made at any time after set a right goal. Depends on investor’s age, selection of instrument to the portfolio may vary. There is no particular time or status required to start investing if the investor have knowledge, discipline and dedication.

If you feel you have a better idea than any of the above, share with us.