A Tribute to Money Hacker Commentators

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others” ~Cicero

I am so tired. My vocation was so long with full of fun. While back to blog, it is totally difficult for me to forget the people – my loyal readers, fruitful commentators, respected guest writers – who have visited my blog and provided fantastic comments to make my blog rich and resourceful. Yes my friends, you should get the deserved honor at its maximum! You never forgot me when I was sleeping and enjoying my vocation. You are my wealth and worth. Here is the honor for you but, not limited. I am adding your best article links with Money Hacker for my readers to take benefit from it and visit your blog to make it more resourceful.

Now, Money Hacker is not only a reading blog. But, have a podcast blog status too. I have added podcasting functions for visitors to either hear, read or both, with blog articles. This podcasting function certainly help visitors to save their reading time and help them to download any article in the form of MP3, to hear later. I highly recommend you to subscribe my podcast articles for save your time.

Hey my commentators, accept this honor! Here are the resources from your site that I have collected for our readers. I am sure, you will certainly benefited from this effort. I have a message for all of you from my heart, in the form of quote from “Marcel Proust: Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” It is very difficult for me to identify a better way to give you maximum benefit. I promise, I will continue such effort as long as I can! Because, “When I was not here, you all worked for me. Now I am here and working for all of you”

1. What to know about highest CD rates in various places?: visit highestcdratesinfo.com and enjoy the series of highly useful articles. Remember to appreciate them for collecting such fabulous information and the time spent to make it wonderful.

2. ‘Does Money Grow on Tree’? An article from Mind Your Personal Finance Destiny, starts with a moral story, an advice from a wise father to his son on how to grow money on tree. An excellent read and it never turn you as bored!

3. ‘Teaching Your Children About Money’, an article I have found at Financially S.M.A.R.T. Advice. As I am very keen about child investments and never miss to read anything related to kids and money. I have got a full lunch from this blog and now it is your turn.

4. ‘Proven Tips To Save For a Holiday’, an article I have found at Finance Metrics, a well written blog. I have specially added this article in this link list because, I have benefited from some of these ideas just one week back, I was on vocation.

5. ‘Effective Tips For Avoiding Debt’, a fantastic article I have found at Prime Targeting, a new era finance blog with extreme discipline and style. This article has enough for you friends!

6. TradeStockAmerica is a website, I have found for beginners as well as experienced people to trade stocks in a safe way. There is no scarcity for resources on learning. Visit to have a look. Get the information from the mouth of its founder: “My mission is to help as many people learn techniques that I think have a high probability of making money and doing that over a consistent period of time.”

and finally,

7. Free Annuity Rates – They seems to come as my fruitful supporter. They are my frequent visitor and supporter. Do you still wonder why I add their link at last? Remember, in an invited function, guests should be in the front raw than family members. I am not considering FreeAnnuityRates as my guest, but as one in my blog family. They are providing enormous support to me and to my effort. I don’t have a particular article from this site to add in this list because, all those I have found at FreeAnnuity are worth for readers. They are well focused on the subject, annuity, that most of the people eagerly looking for. Now, no need to go any other place or doing a search for information on annuity but this site is just here for you!

Any way after creating this list. I thought, I will take a small rest and was looking for some music resources. I have reached to Dig Bands, a blog, that have all information on music.

I know, this is not enough for my dear commentators in return to the support you are providing to me and my blog. I want to do much much more than this to this nice people! Contact me once if you have anything in your mind that I can use to help you, your website, blog or a product by writing an article, review or anything that possible by me.

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