Best Indian Stocks to Buy in 2013

To ease your research on companies to identify buying candidate, here are four wealth stocks anyone can prefer to buy at its best lowest available place, whenever all it comes down, as part of their for long time wealth creation goal. These stocks also fantastic picks to invest money systematically by buying at its each down level. Remember, buying best stocks at its best price levels are fantastic. But, how much you buy really matters. If you buy 10 or 15 of these company stocks when it is at its lower price level (a perfect buy price) and expecting you will become a millionaire after 10 month would be a real foolishness. “How much stocks to buy or how much needs to be invested in these stocks” thus really matters. You can take the help of expert advises to solve this ‘how much to invest’ puzzle.

These four stocks are perfectly fit to hold for long term to meet your goals such as:

1. Child education 2. Marriage cost of children 3. As a part of your retirement plan 4. Build a house after your retirement

5. High secure capital protection for long time

(Remember, I am not interested to use maths or statistics, but my analysis is solely based on the commonsense. I prefer to invest in companies that have monopolistic positions in the market and excellent business with proven track record on growth, profit etc.., that no one can beat at least for next 25 years.)

Here is your winning picks from the Indian stock market listed stocks. The 4 evergreen stocks !


No need to say anything more. HDFC is the leading housing finance company in India for last 34 years with widest range of home loan & deposit products. HDFC is the best example on how a company can make its each and every investors rich! with various business branches such as HDFC Life, HDFC Mutual Fund, HDFC ERGO General Insurance, HDFC Sales, HDFC Realty, Credila, HDFC RED, HDFC Property Fund, It is in the list of most ethical company with a high year to year growth in ROE, CAGR etc..

Invest in HDFC for long term and your child becomes a millionaire as the money invested in HDFC would grow with your child without any doubts.


This company is a best example for less capital required business but making high profits. CRISIL is a global analytical company providing Ratings, Research and Risk & Policy Advisory services and top in India in rating and Analysis verticals with rich and globally diversified client base. The power of CRISIL can easily identified from its ratings to corporate deposits and bonds. If the ratings are high, investors would flood to buy the bond or deposits and if the ratings are low, it would be difficult for that deposit campaign to succeed. CRISIL ratings thus have supreme influence to Indian money market and financial world. This is the reason, the word “CRISIL” considers buy the people as a synonym of ‘capital security’.

Investing in CRISIL and buying this scrip at its each best dips would provide CRISL AAA+ rating security!

MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited)

MCX is the world’s No. 3 commodity futures exchange have slowly turned as another stock market in India to raise competitions to biggies like BSE and NSE. MCX is a really powerful brand in the world of Indian commodity market with more than 80% of market share among the officially recognized electronic multi-commodity national exchanges in India. As per the data published for CY 2011 on the websites of exchanges and FIA data, MCX is globally No 1 in Silver and Gold, No2 in Natural Gas and No 3 in Crude oil. Its IPO listed in Indian stock market with a CRISIL ratings of 5 with strong fundamentals. considering its leadership position, strong volume and growth opportunities, MCX has very huge growth potential in the future as buying this stock in each dips would make you rich for long run.


2/3 in 10 persons lives in India would be a definite smoker. In that, 99% uses ITC manufactured cigarettes! It is readily available all over India even if it is a remote villages or tribal area. That is the power of ITC network and the product penetration to the public! They are the monopoly manufacturer of cigarettes in India and have diversified their business to most of the core areas including FMCG, Personal care, Biscuits, Packed foods, Agri Business, Hotels, IT and so on, both local and international markets. If you have invested in ITC 2 years ago, your wealth should have grown to 200% now! i.e. Rs. 1000 invested in ITC 2 years ago is Rs.4000 now! The reason behind this growth is, India cannot survive without ITC.

ITC stock can be classified as a defensive pick to protect your money and at the same time, it work as a perfect growth stock to grow your money slowly, but steadily.

Buy these stocks at its lowest available price levels. This may sometime required you to wait for several days, months or years itself. But, you are dealing with definite wealth builders. do not waste your monitoring and waiting period but utilize or consider this time to accumulate capital to purchase this golden ducks.


Writer of this article is a well experienced direct stock investor and personally hold all these stocks on what he advised here and still purchasing these stocks at its each dip. However, this publication has been prepared solely for information purpose and does not constitute a solicitation to any person to buy or sell a security. It does not constitute a personal recommendation or take into account the particular investment objectives, financial situations or needs of an individual client or a corporate/s or any entity/ies.
As an investor, you must attain enough experience before entering to stock market or purchase any of the stocks including the above mentioned. Professional knowledge and help is a must factor for started to intermediate investors to take right investment decisions. It is not at all advised to a new investor to purchase any stocks upon an advise like this as he or she do not have much experiences to analyze a company, profit levels, right purchasing time and how much to purchase. It is certain that the above stocks can bring you wealth, but any investment based only on above article by not considering self position and status of the reader, the writer will not be responsible for any kind of loses.

If you are a new investor or really wish to invest on best Indian stocks, you are advised to take the list of this stocks to a professional and expert adviser to understand how much to invest, when to invest and how long to invest. Wish you all a very happy and prosperous investing.