Reality check: Is bloggers money saving tips are practical?

Personal finance and investing blog world filled with ‘money saving tips’ in each and every article. To be little different, I would like to write the practical side of this tips. Hope you will enjoy this.

Just type ‘money saving tips’ to Google and see the result pages. You will present with titles like 50 money savings tips, 100 money saving tips, 200 money saving tips etc. Did you ever tired to read these tips to know whether it is practical or not?

If I speak frankly, most of them are useless by impossible to practice. Most of them are just writing to increase the number of tips with articles.

I have found people commenting heavily on such articles but, how many of them still remember those tips read from various blogs? How many of them practiced such tips and went back to the article to write their success story? Practically none.Such pathetic reality happening due to most of the tips writing in the blogs are just bogus. I am not saying all the tips are not practical but, some or the majority of such tips are difficult to practice. Here is the three superb example on a tip I have found in a famous personal finance blog. Read and comment on the practical side of this tips.

“Sign up for every free customer rewards program you can”

How many families regularly using internet? Most of the old age people may be never using net. If using, not regularly. What are the sources to get the information of such reward programs? In my opinion, it is better to provide possible steps once after practicing the same self and informing others to follow. Or, it will be like the analyst reports coming each and every week by recommending any stock to buy and the analyst personally not holding the stock.Another example I found with this same article:

“Instead of throwing out some damaged clothing, repair it instead”

Nice idea isn’t it? If you have a big hole in the back side of your shirt or pants, get a piece of cloth and repair it. Then go to office or party. If you write a word ‘I am saving Money’ will do superb to justify and others to follow the same practice.The very best third tip from this tip guy is,

“Learn how to dress minimally”

Can you consider this as a tip or say some good words from English dictionary, once if you have a daughter aged 15 years or more? If it is a place like Iceland or Greenland, is it possible to use minimal dress? I don’t know how the person, who wrote this, how he dressing. In my thoughts, he may be not coming out because of not wearing any dress.I have not yet understood the meaning of writing such impossible tips to simply increase the tip numbers in the article. I still feel shame after reading such tips as a personal finance blogger. Such tips turning the tipsters to the level of blind tipsters. Am I right?Here are some practical tips that is possible. Just read and compare with the above three. Comment here about how do you feel after.

“Combine your cable, internet and telephone service” – Extremely practical isn’t it? The only requirement is to check for an operator providing all these service as a single package. Yes, this will minimize money spending and you can of course, save some money.

“Get your books from the library” – A neat tip for those who have reading habit. If you go to the libraries, get a member by paying cheap fees and get valuable books from there.

“Always go with a list” – This most practical and most recommended tip can be used when you go for shopping especially groceries.

I remember a word from my professor at this time and interested to share to all of you. “When you advice something, think twice about the possibility of practicing the same”. Whether to yourself or by others. Never advice anything that is not possible by anyone.

What want to do to get right tips?

Money saving tips are hot cakes with personal finance bloggers. People who visiting to a finance blog or website mostly giving preference to get tips on saving money. As a reader, collect the maximum possible articles of money saving tips and make a list about the tips that you can practice easily. Once after listing such tips, categorize them i.e. tips for shopping, tips for banking, tips for credit card usage etc… later practice these steps to get the most required knowledge with each category.

Comment to know me about your feelings on this article.