Sack Your Boss and Gain Financial Freedom

Some people, especially those who have compelled their minds to thinking that being gainfully employed is the sure way to financial success. For this class of people, all they seek is to have a good paying job, and they will be happy. The various bosses and employers understand this desperation of people, and turn it into their own gain.

What explanation can be given about a boss or an employer of labor who constantly abuse his workers because he thinks that the unemployment market is very saturated with new entrants? These ‘’bossy’’ employers do not mind the working condition of their workers insofar as such workers are bringing mega money into the companies account.

Boss Dismissal:

This is the very reason while you should be thinking of sacking your boss. By simple analysis, an employee is a human, and by the virtue of his humanness, he does not deserve to be maltreated. The worker deserves every respect simply because there is dignity in labor. The laborer cannot be completely alienated from his labor.

But as an employee, do you watch your boss dehumanize you simply because you do not have any other option than to continue working in the firm? Such a situation is not completely hopeless, it such maltreatment from your boss could be a stumbling block, which you can turn into a stepping stone.

The ideal thing to do is to looking for a way to sack the boss, by way of tendering your resignation letter and start your own business, which will give you more freedom over yourself and money. But before you sack your boss, you need to observe a principle. That is the principle of saving. New employees are those that will benefit from the principle because they have every opportunity to start on time to save some part of their salary. The purpose of saving as an employee is to have the financial base to start a business.

But how can the money you saved be enough to start up a business when the boss is paying you a little amount of money? Such should not give you a nightmare. It is highly advisable to also start on time to invest your salary. It is no worthwhile to leave your salary in your bank account. Such amounts to a total waste of the money. You should look for ways to invest some fraction of the salary so that you will have a multiple stream of income.

Investment of Salary:

But where and how can you invest a fraction of your salary? You can buy shares from quoted companies in the stock market. By doing this, you are very sure to be receiving additional revenue. You can also use the salary to the business of buying and selling. Some workers normally buy stuffs and bring them to their workplace for their fellow workers to buy. This is a very smart way of making more profits from your salary. When you have enough savings as a result of your multiple stream of income, you can now be bold enough to sack your boss and then regain your financial and human freedom.

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