Sit Pretty and Make Money

Sounds impossible? Not really, thanks to the internet. Making money online is not something new at all, in fact statistics show the market for online businesses and online opportunities for revenues is ever growing and is quickly becoming a multi-billion enterprise. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be successful in this business; all you need to know is some basic strategies on how to boost your rep in the online market. If you’re into sitting, relaxing, and finding enough time for yourself and your family, listen up to some tips that can help you make money online while you sit pretty sipping some coffee.

1 Organize a Structure We cannot remove the fact that the online market is still a market and opening an online business is still a business. Although this type of source of revenue doesn’t really follow what we conventionally know about businesses (primarily because it allows a degree of freedom) it is still a business which needs organization and structure, a kind of foundation from which it would be build upon, and it is a must to build this foundation in a strong manner.

The first step to making money online and ensuring the money comes in and prospers is to organize a structure, how? Consider the following steps:

a. Do your own research, the more you know the more equipped are you of the strategies that would fit the market b. Have a business plan, it’s a must. You might think online enterprises don’t need business plans, this is a misconception, they still do, online businesses are not just matters of trial and error a concrete business plan is a must as it guides the tracking of the business in accordance to demands and trends in the market. c. Register the business and domain names d. Choose a webhost ( a good and credible one) e. Set a concrete payment system f. Set a concrete marketing strategy g. Build a SECURE website h. Build a GOOD database i. Always provide good customer service j. Have a good and updated marketing strategy

k. Review your site and your service

2 Go Blogs!

Blogs, we have heard it from almost anywhere every time. Blog short for weblog is an online journal that talks about anything under the sun. Anyone can actually do it, and if you find niche and talent in writing then it becomes a potential source for revenue. Blogs have a simple formula: a good topic or content and a wide audience. Once you have the two revenues would then follow. How can these blogs or online journals generate income? According to blog experts, income from blogging usually focuses on advertising. Monetising the blog for advertisements, especially if the blog attracts a lot of site visitors, is one way to make money out of blogs. Experts argue however, that monetizing blogs and using them as advertisement models would not make huge income overnight; it is not much advisable for people to prefer blogs over full time jobs. The potential is there however, and if you are into business, it is the potential that you must look into first. Not surprisingly, we find bloggers starting off as part times and after some time going to full blast blogging. The number might not be thousands we see a significant increase in just two-three years time (not a bad figure).

Go blogging and reap the benefits, just make sure to follow these tips:

1. Start! Get it started, al lot of individuals think about blogs but they never get it started 2. Who’s your audience? Identify your target audience, understand them, create a profile. 3. Have the audience participate in your blog 4. Put yourself in the shoes of the audience. Nobody will start to read your blog if they do not know what it’s all about.

This article on making money online is written by Carl Wayne, author of different articles on business, investments, finance, making money online or through real estate.