12 Money Saving Tips for The Year 2012

Year 2012 is in our door step. Time for taking new decisions and resolutions for new year. Of course this is the time for people who have little willpower to take resolutions and not stick on that. But those who have good will power would identify realistic resolutions and would work a bit to achieve that. There are lots of resolutions can be made on money and I had given some of the nice possible resolutions for 2010 an not sure how many of our readers followed the same and have stick on that. Anyway, in year 2012, I am not intending to give idea on possible resolutions but giving ideas to save money regularly by controlling some of our activities, habits. Here are the same. Practice if you like it or you can either share or move to another article to read. I can anyway tell the readers that practicing this tips would give you handsome improvement in your life.

Health is Wealth – Take Care of Your Health First

1. If you have a habits of drinking excess Colas, you are wasting your money as well as booking a ticket to heaven. This is also applicable in the sense of liquors or any other concentrated drinks. I am not saying to stop. But, reduce it to a good amount. You can also take this decision in the sense of drinks like tea or coffee or any other. You can save lots of money.

2. Try to pack your lunch or snacks always to the office or workplace. Stop buying packaged foods or junk foods from outside. Health as well as wealth will be improved if you practice this.

3. Attend a health fair or find free screening to check the health status of yourself and the family members. Early detection of any disease would help to prevent early and huge money lose later

4. There are lots of online coupons available to meat treatments and drugs. Identify and find the best for you and family to use whenever you visit a hospital, or drug store.

5. Practice healthy habits like yoga or spend some time for taking exercise everyday. If all the family members involved, lots of time pass and good health will be promised.

Best Practices for Shopping, Home and Other Activities

6. Be little intelligent to detect discounts, deals and other availabilities of items to your home. Track free coupons, weekly and discount deals with best online and offline shopping centers. This would give you lots of money as good save.

7. Vegetables and fruits making from our own effort promising health and hygienic. Have a garden or identify any parallel solutions to grow your vegetables and fruits in home itself. If you have heard about food inflation and its dangerous effect to middle class families, you might have started this earlier. Our economy is a sinking ship dear reader.

8. Some items are good to but at the season but some are not. For example, never buy grocery items such as fruits and vegetables or any, that is not seasonal. Also, prefer buying some items before the season starts, such as gifts for festivals, snow wear items etc. You should be able to detect and foresee such items depends on your local market. Have huge savings in this.

9. Buy bulk the items that uses in home a lot. Rice and such items are expensive when by little by little. Identify what all are the items you regularly uses and stock always required. Buy suck bulky.

Financial Practices to Save Money

10. Control credit card and use debit cards. It is always advisable to use prepaid credit cards than pure credit cards. Using prepaid credit card certainly give control over your spending and you would be money aware always.

11. Never close your eyes to deals, coupons or discount sales. Always open your eyes to any such occasions and grab the opportunity to buy any household or any items that you required. This may required to wait little but the savings will be considerable huge.

12. Practice budgeting. This can be done for total monthly expenses, kids expenses, grocery shopping expenses or any other expenses that regularly or rarely happens. An emergency fund would be a fantastic option to avoid run out of money. Pay your bill in time, start auto-pay facility, dig for auto-saving facilities available, teach your kids about money etc… would be some of the best money saving and frugal life options you can opt to do in the year 2012.

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