Best Place to Think About Life and Money

“If a person gets his attitude toward money straight, it will help straighten out almost every other area in his life” ~Billy Graham

When I first heard the news, Warren Buffett offered 40 Billions from his wealth to Bill Gates charitable foundation, I thought Warren may be crazy. But later, when I recollected some of his long said quotes, says he is not at all interested to know as a rich person in front of world but, only interested to see how money grows. He is not a person to make more money but is a person to have a hobby of seeing how money grows. His simple life is the best example to know how he treating money.

I am sure, any person have a well matured mindset only can think like Warren. Through offering major chunk of his wealth to a charitable foundation, he is clearly teaching the world about the meaningless of running behind money and having it more than a person really required. To concrete this truth, I will give a place for my readers to visit and think a little about your life and money making greed. I have just came from a funeral. Before writing this article, I took a bath and had a peg of neat brandy. With my habit to be an early bird to any scheduled meeting or function, I have reached to the cemetery one and half hour early and was waiting for the people to come. While inquiring the possibility of letting inside the cemetery to sit somewhere in a corner, watchman allowed and I entered to that huge cemetery and walked to a corner far from gate and sat on a bench. It was a very cool and quiet place. There was only tombs around me. I was there for next ten minutes checking my emails until watchman approached. He asked me “Don’t you have fear to sit alone here?” I smiled and told him, a person really not required to fear people who died, but need to fear the people who still alive. He agreed and immediately left the place before being more crazy when talking to me more.I was thinking about my past, my life my wealth status and all those changes happened to these at various times. I was deeply thinking about the point where I have started and where am I now. I have found people running behind money. I have also found most of the crime in this world happening in the name of money and not anything other than it. Those who are rich, being more rich in day by day and who are poor, thrust to more poverty. I have found lots of tombs around me. Some of them built by marble and others by sand. I have smiled by knowing the fact how a dead person going to identify that he has a marble tomb? I realized, people even not left tombs as the method to show how rich they are.This scenario lead me to think a little about what does money mean to a person in a real world. Is it the benchmark for all the happiness? or, being rich mean he have everything to enjoy or is he protected from everything? This article is from the result of that thoughts. It exposed some truths that each person may or may not know. If this article give any wisdom to the readers, I feel honored.

Multiplying Money is Not a Scale for Happiness:

Remember the story of rich from Bible. He have lots of wealth and godowns filled with grains. He was thinking he will enjoy the rest of life with this wealth and what he collected to eat and drink. His happines last for a little time until he got informed from god that his life in this going to end the same day. Now as a reader, just think about the money and grains he collected? How he wouldbe able to enjoy his wealth now? This story teach us a moral, creating wealth more than what a person really required, can’t consider as a yardstick for happiness. Life is just depends on the breath a human taking in and out.

Can Money Protect a Person From all?

No. It can’t. If money is able to protect people from all, there will not be any deseas and deaths in this world. If you have lots of money but, you or any or your family member, to whom you loves most, cought with any disease, that is niot curable, what is the use of all the money you have? It can consider as a benchmark of happines depends on how perfectly or how well one utilizing it for good purposes!

Real Wisdom is Not Mean Making More Money But it Mean How one Prudentially Using it for right purpose

Do you think the richest people in the world have extra ordinary brain, knowledge or power? It is just a myth. We may hearing about lots of rich personalities but we are still not aware about how happy there heart is. Making money required efforts and knowledge. But, more than such knowledge and efforts required to manage that money prudently! Real wisdom not depends on how much money one makes, sut, it totally depends on how well he managing it to make the life of self and others to fill with happiness.

More than Watching How Money Grows, One Get Satiscation When Using it for Right Purposes

To know the value of money, it should reach to the hands of the people who really in need. Money which sit of the safe is having value but nothing more than piece of papers. People always happy to see how their money grows fast but, they get satisfaction only when they utilize it for right purposes. Sleeping over money never able to give satisfaction than sleeping on a good bed that bought by using this money.

History Never Remember Anyone Based on How Much Money He Earned

How many of us aware about Great Alexander? When he died, he was in the middle of the ocean of wealth but, died without taking any of his acquired wealth. We might have studied about him but, history not giving any importance to the wealth he had but, the courage and willpower he has as an emperor. This is happening because, history never consider quantity of money as the benchmark to remember a person. Instead, always remember on the action he had made.