Five Benefits of Loft Conversions

loft-conversion-8308876For many people, an attic is simply a place for storage. As the cost of housing has increased in many cities, some entrepreneurs and motivated individuals are converting old attics into habitable lofts. A loft conversion is usually the size of a small studio apartment, and allows for an additional living area in a home. There are five benefits for converting an old attic into a loft.

1. Lofts are more affordable than new homes. It’s possible to renovate an existing attic into a loft for the fraction of the cost of a new home. All the base structures needed for a home are already available. It’s usually simple for a contractor to run wiring and plumbing into a new loft.

2. Lofts are energy efficient. Most attics are already insulated. In a cooler climate, heat will rise from the bottom of a house towards the top, providing free heating for a loft. Many loft owners don’t need to use heating during the winter, as long as someone is living below them with heating available.

3. Lofts increase the retail value of a home. A new loft installation can boost the value of a home or townhouse by as much as 40%. As the cost of living in many metropolitan areas has grown, people are looking for new ways to renovate and rebuild existing housing to hold more tenants. A loft can be a great way to capitalize on this.

4. A converted attic can be rented out as a loft. Many younger couples and students overpay for studio apartments. A loft can offer an affordable alternative to traditional housing. Renting a loft can provide an additional income stream for homeowners. For privacy, it’s often possible to install an exterior entrance to an attic loft, allowing for two completely separate living areas. In addition, a loft can be a great guest home. Many guests and homeowners prefer privacy, and a loft living arrangement allows for visitors to be close by, but in a different living area.

5. Maintenance costs are minimal. Since a loft is built inside the existing infrastructure of a home, maintenance costs are minimal. Most loft maintenance is taken care of during regular home maintenance, without any additional added costs. Since plumbing, heating, and electrical utilities operate off the main house, there usually isn’t anything that can break down or malfunction inside a loft.

As building space in large cities becomes more expensive, lofts are becoming increasingly popular. Loft conversions in West London can offer a variety of installation options to fit many different budgets. Since a loft conversion is a challenging DIY project, it’s usually best to use a trained professional for any installation and renovation services.

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